Vista Bootcamp Patch Please?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by kimb, May 4, 2007.

  1. kimb


    Hello Parallels,

    Can I please have a software patch so that I can use my existing Vista Bootcamp Partition with Parallels.

    I have waited quite patiently so far for this to be sorted .... but now feeling a bit done over as I have no other use for Parallels, the sales blurb I read before I bought Parallels gave the impression that it would do this, but it doesn't.

    I'm not interested in any other new features or bug fixes, so just a patch will do.


  2. nycruza


    The information on this site specifically states the following:
    Can I create a Parallels virtual machine with a Windows Vista operating system from a Boot Camp partition?
    Parallels is currently compatible with Boot Camp partitions running Windows XP. Development is underway to support Vista partitions. However, you can run your licensed version of Windows Vista in Coherence mode, which enables you to run your guest operating system without having to manage two desktops.

    Where you read it is compatible with Vista Boot Camp was probably wishful thinking.
    NO IMPRESSION was given to the contrary!

  3. scrytch


    The wording used on the main site, in the software and in the software help files isn't very clear - "Windows" is quite often used, making it sound like Windows Vista will work in Boot Camp. Only in a few areas does it say "Windows XP".

    Reading back through it now in context and I can see that they don't state Vista support... but it could be made clearer.

    I just went to use my Vista Boot Camp partition in Parallels and was surprised to find it not supported yet - but only by the "Boot Camp" button being greyed out.

    I hope there is an update for this soon.

  4. schvenk


    I don't think this is officially supported, but the current beta of VMWare Fusion will run off a Vista Boot Camp partition. You have to change a config file to get networking working, but at least on my machine it seems to work well...and doesn't seem to lock up the UI during startup the way my Parallels VMs do. I imagine Parallels will support this soon...and here's hoping we get graphics acceleration so we can run Aero...
  5. kimb


    thanks for the info - i installed the VMWare fusion beta - it works absolutely fine for what I want - pretty snappy, no problems installing it either.

    I've found no practical use for Aero so far. It doesn't even look that nice.
  6. schvenk


    Really? I've actually found Aero to be pretty pleasant to work with, and somehow it makes the OS feel snappier. Flip3D is also useful - I prefer Expose but still...

    If nothing else, Aero feels like a modern OS whereas Vista's Basic theme reminds me of SUSE Linux a few generations ago.

    The overall graphics acceleration also just helps display performance a fair bit I think.
  7. aerodyno



    Thanks for the pointer to VM Ware Fusion Beta 3... My Parallels registration was about to expire and I just put vista on my bootcamp partition. I was deeply dismayed that I couldn't use parallels to run vista off it's own partition, but now I'm going to use VM ware fusion beta 3... I hope it works. It doesn't look like they have 'coherence' though... Which may pull me back to parallels if we get support for vistabootcamp!
  8. robster1225


    I really hope that Vista Boot Camp support comes as a free update, and not a new version.
  9. mmischke


    With just about any complex software product it's best to glance at the 'sales blurb', as you call it, on your way to the real documentation. ;-) Virtualization has gone mainstream so quickly that vendors are playing catch-up as far as developing products that 'just work' in a wide variety of scenarios. For now it's best to assume that something won't work unless the documentation explicitly states that it will.
  10. purephase


    I think I saw it mentioned in a previous thread that it will be a new version, not an update. So, it will cost $$.
  11. msvista


    Yup, that will be a nice also second in waiting list. Currently vmware fusion supports Vista bootcamp along with Parallels should release a version soon.
  12. CorpSuit


    I am confused, I keep seeing people posting about how great VMWare Fusion is because it SUPPOSEDLY supports Vista BootCamp, but the VMWare Fusion Website says "Support for Boot Camp...Note: For this Beta 3 release, Windows Vista is not supported; only Windows XP is supported."

    So where is everyone getting this "special" version of Fusion that supports Windows Vista in Boot Camp?
  13. VTMac


    VMWare Fusion does not support Vista Bootcamp. People using it are doing so at their own risk. Pat Lee (VMWare Fusion PM) has stated several times on their message board that there are KNOWN bugs in Vista Bootcamp support that will cause problems with the partition. Yet for some reason people seem to think they know better than the guys writing the product. Actually, given VMWare is aware of the issues, I'm surprised they didn't put something in the beta to prevent people from trying. Sort of protecting them from themselves.
  14. bombastinator



    Can you send a link about that? I want to confirm it before I try to sell off my license.

    If they want me to pay again for "vista" version I am soooo out of here. Vista was out when I bought this thing. I don't mind waiting till they get their stuff online, but this software has been useless to me almost since I bought it.

    The concept that they want me to buy a pretty darned new piece of software all over again is infuriating. They didn't say it would do it but they didn't say it wouldn't either and the development path they were using when I bought it really really implied that it would.

    Whether it's legal or not I feel quite misused.
  15. bombastinator


    People are using it because they have to.

    Since parallels cannot handle graphics bootcamp is required for full compatibility. On the average laptop there is not enough space to run three full operating system partitions.
    Additionally there is the problem of not knowing which wholly separate copy of windows a given file is located on. The current separate bootcamp and parallels windows partition system is inadequate and cludgey at best.

    Since it's a beta they have nothing to protect themselves from, and they know that running off bootcamp is required to make the software really functional to all users.

    They undoubtedly left it open because they knew this.
    Do not underestimate VMware as a company. Right now their software has a killer app that Parallels not only does not have at the moment, but is rumored to not be patching into the current software at all. If the customer has to choose whether to rebuy the software when it becomes truly usable they have a 50-50 shot at every one of Parallels customers.
  16. bombastinator


    Oh I'd say there was.

    Explicit announcement no. Impression, Oh Yeah. It's very much in the way that the development was described in the forums and by the development path itself. You have vista compatibility or you don't. Parallels has been patching in bits of vista compatibility for the current version. To stop right at the point that it becomes truly useful qualifies as "stringing you along". It might not hold up in court but it holds up everywhere else.

    More importantly if there was "no impression" given why was just about everyone assuming this would be the case?
  17. Ynot

    Ynot Kilo Poster

    In version 3.0 you will have Vista BootCamp support. :)
  18. UKP


    So why isnt this little nugget on the V3 info page?

    Can we please have a list of all 50+ new features, 100+ bug fixes - This will help some people decide whether the upgrade is worthwhile I'm sure.

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