Vista - windows cannot access required file - Install.swm

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  1. jschweitzer


    Has anyone seen an error like"

    Windows cannot access the required file
    Make sure all files required for installation are avaialable, and restart the installation.
    Error code: 0x80070490

    I'm trying to install the release version of Vista Business i got from MSDN. There are 5 CD-ROMs
  2. 'robert


    Install.swm is huge, may be damged, check MD5 code.

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  3. tfulmino


    I too am having the same issue with the MSDN version. Has anyone resolved this?

  4. bng


    same here, made the cd from images couple of times... no dice.

    same error.

    the it guy said he didn't have this problem with the retail version of vista, but it was with a older version of parallels... if that matters.

    and the error pop up at the decompression, after it finished copying the files to the drive.
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  5. tech_head


    Same here with a MSDN Version with 5 CDs.
  6. takaint


    Same here too
    with Home Basic Edition (4CDs) from Japan.
    I cannot contact to Microsoft Support
    coz they want the Product ID it can be shown after installing.
    Telephone line is always full.
  7. babacrash


    Same here with the French version of MSDN Vista Business Edition... (Parallels team you can have a look to my screenshot, in French but you can see the kind of file concerned: the problem does not occur with the same file for each installation). I'm gonna try a Boot Camp install...

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  8. jay-dubb


    This seemed to solve the problem for me...

    When trying to setup Vista OS, I'm presented with the "OS Installation Assistant." Instead of using the Windows Express Install, I ended up using the Typical Installation Mode (Custom would also work as well) and go through the Installation Assistant. Also, I made sure that I used the proper activation key (important for MSDN subscribers who need to find the proper activation key). I really hope this helps. I also used the 5 CD Vista Install.
  9. jay-dubb



    I found that if the Vista Installer did not show the first window (Asking for language, country and currency), the install would not work. For some reason, the Parallels Express Install would bypass this step. I don't know why. Also, if the installer made it to the page where it said... "Copying Files" and made it to 100% without asking for anymore CDs, the installer would not work. For me, it was simply a matter of configuring how Parallels would install it, and making sure that the Product Key was correct for the version of Vista I was trying to install. I really hope this helps.
  10. Mooncat


    Same problem - but this worked well for me

    I had the same error message when trying to load vista business upgrade edition (4 CDs) - when I tried to create using Express install. Same as jay-dubb it bypassed the first window (asking for language currency etc) and also when copying files it would reach 100% with only one CD (when I installed it on a PC it required all 4 CDs). I googled the problem and found a solution on the microsoft website ( ). to cut a long story short Here's how I did it.

    1. Create a new parallels setup using "typical install"
    2. Copied the contents of Vista business upgrade CD 1 onto a folder on my computer I labelled "VISTA" - this folder should contain several files and folders including a folder called "Sources" (which contains a file called install.swm - the culprit !!)
    3. Copy the contents of CD 2 (which only contains a file called "install2.swm") into VISTA\Sources (ie the folder called Sources)
    4. Copy the contents of CD 3 (which only contains a file called "install3.swm") into VISTA\Sources
    5. Copy the contents of CD 4 (which only contains a file called "install4.swm") into VISTA\Sources
    6. Make a DVD (using Toast or otherwise) with the CONTENTS of the VISTA folder (ie. it should look identical to the CD 1 except have 3 extra files in the Sources folder) - it came out at 1.9GB for me.
    7. Install Vista using the DVD

    It worked a treat for me and had the advantage of not requiring swapping of CDs during install.
    I'm not sure about the 5 CD version - presumably CD 5 may contain a file called install5.swm - in which case adding this to the source file would theoretically work (but I'm only guessing)

    As an interesting aside - which I thought I would also share. My vista business upgrade was not a bootable version. I thought that was that as parallels wouldn't boot from it. But I have an old windows 2000 CD. I got round this by creating a new parallels setup telling parallels I was going to instal vista (with typical install) but put in my bootable windows 2000! It installed no problems. I upgraded it to SP4 (but didn't bother installing any parallel tools at this point) - which the vista upgrade CD required. I then put in my upgrade CD and the upgrade then ran smoothly (after using the technique above). I read forums on trying to convert a non bootable vista CD to a bootable one - but this can be bypassed on parallels if you have a bootable windows 2000 operating system CD!! - I'm not sure if other operating system eg win 98 or NT would work. Let me know if they do!

    Hope this is of help to someone.

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