Visual Studio 2022 installation in Parallels Desktop for Apple Silicon (M1) Mac

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    I have MacBook Air (M1, 2020) with Apple M1 Chip and I am using Parallel desktop with ARM based Windows 11.
    I installed Visual studio 2022 for .Net development in parallels desktop.
    But it shows like visual studio not supported by ARM based processor.
    I installed .Net Framework v4.6.1 and v4.7 as per the "Project targeted Framework Not Installed" notification. After that I am repeatedly getting 'unloaded' and 'failed to load' project inside solution explorer when each time, I try to load the project.
    Also tried to install intel based windows in parallels it shows like it is not supported in an ARM based processor.

    Is it possible to use Visual studio 2022 inside parallels based on a MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip.

    Can anyone suggest solutions
  2. SreelekshmiR

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    Any idea ?
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    Do you know if VS ARM native would still allow building of x64 binaries? That would be useful for me.
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    Just install the .net framework 4.61 and 4.7 targeting frameworks. They should work fine. The warning you speak of is just telling you it isn't designed to work on Arm, but I have been using it fine for over a month. The only thing not working for me is localDB migrations when attempting to migrate to the localdb (have to use 32 bit SQL server 2014 or a dev server located on another machine). I had some old .net 4.6 full framework projects and they ran fine, but I needed up must upgrade to 4.8. I did try the Arm Visual Studio Preview, but for me I couldn't get IIS express to work on it so ended up going back to the other version since it rans faster than my intel VM did anyway :)
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