VM freezes when a second vm is started.

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by mnemesh@charter.net, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. I have a Win XP VM that freezes anytime another VM is started, or hangs if it is started second. Doesn't matter what the other guest OS is and isn't specific to XP in general, as a different XP VM works fine. When started second, once the other is shut down this VM will then finish booting. I'm at a lose, any suggestions?

  2. White fox

    White fox

    How much RAM have you dedicated to this Win XP VM? Try reducing it a bit.
    Hope that helps.
  3. White Fox,

    I have 4GB of memory in my Mac, 1024 MB configured for the problem VM (which is a required minimum for applications I use according to the SW developer). The other VMs are configured with 512 MB. I reduced the problem vm to 512 MB and it boots fine with another VM running. Once my applications were started I was up in the 750 MB range as reported by task manager. I changed it to 768 MB thinking this might reduce paging, but was back to hanging on boot again. I started reading recommendations for VM memory configurations, and saw a note that said 604 MB was the max memory recommendation for XP. Seemed odd, but the general consensus was less is better. One person reported that they were using XP configured with 256 MB. I changed my VM to 256 MB and it boots fine, and once all the apps I need are started it's back in the 750 MB range again but everything seems to be working as normal. I'm going to run a business day at 256 MB and then a day at 512 MB and see if I notice any difference. Thanks for your suggestion.


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