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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by spetznatz, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. spetznatz


    Odd --

    I can use my Wacom Intuos tablet and Mouse in Parallels -- but I can't access the Wacom control panel to configure the mouse buttons -- i keep getting the error message "No Tablet Connected". Indeed it's not listed in the USB pop-up at the bottom left -- or is it?

    i have:

    Apple extended Keyboard
    Apple Optical USB Mouse
    Canon ip3000 (printer)

    not sure what the first one is...

    Does anyone have any experience of using Wacom tablets under Parallels?
  2. sgpub


    I'm using Parallels/WinXP Pro with a Wacom Cintiq 21UX (which is based on Intuos 3).

    I didn't need to install the drivers for the Wacom on the PC side. I calibrated the tablet and configured the pen buttons on the Mac side using the Wacom pane in System Preferences, and the configuration flows over to the PC side without any problems.

    Hope this helps.
  3. unused_user_name


    You won't be able to use any driver options unles you connect it to Parallels using their USB connection options. The default mouse emulated by Parallels is a generic PS2 mouse with 3 buttons and a scroll wheel.

    Considering that your tablet works in Mac, then you will probably get the "wait 5 to 10 seconds" madness...

    "GD-0608-U" is most likely your tablet.
  4. spetznatz


    Thanks, both --

    The tablet is working -- it just seems to have the "All other Programs" button mapping when I take it into XP. My specific problem is that I need to have different button mappings depending on the program I'm working in at the time. I need, for instance, a specific set of button mappings for SketchUp, different to the ones I'd use in the Finder/Explorer. -- SU is the reason I'm evaluating Parallels -- it's too slow under Rosetta.

    Will have to delve into the USB connection options -- any pointers to get me started?
  5. spetznatz


    The "Wait 5-10 seconds madness" is just what I'm having...If MacOS X is using the tablet as well, what hope is there? Every time I try to select the tablet in the Device > USB menu, I get that same warning.

    And "Try to find the application that blocked up the device and disconnect it manually" What does THAT mean? Disconnect the device? The application?

    If I can't get the tablet working in Parallels, I can't use SketchUp effectively. Therefore, no reason to purchase Parallels.

  6. Radnor


    The Mac version of SketchUp works nicely via Rosetta. Any reason you can't just use that?
  7. spetznatz


    The Mac version of SketchUp runs like a dog under Rosetta, especially on the complex models that I need to create. And you have to turn off Hardware Acceleration and Fast Feedback just to get it to run.
  8. bpuppy


    Pressure sensitivity

    I find it all works fine except that I don't get pressure sensitivity in Photoshop ... any ideas how I can get this?

    Interestingly, when I try to connect the tablet as a USB device, I get the same 'wait 5 to 10 seconds ...' message, then when I try to change settings in OS X, it reports that the tablet is missing.

    It seems we're really close to having this work ... Parallels, can you help?
  9. runrun


    My Macbook pro has two USB connections. It seems like there should be a way of connecting a USB mouse and a USB tablet at the same time. Then being able to tell Mac OS not to use the tablet so that parallels can try to use it.

    Anyone know about this?

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