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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by NJRonbo, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. NJRonbo

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    Your Mac OS X has one desktop wallpaper. Windows Vista/XP has another.

    When you go into coherence mode, which Wallpaper becomes standard?

    Also, how do you prevent the graphic glitch where pieces of one wallpaper
    appear on top of the other? I noticed this with my Parallels desktop and the
    only way to fix it was to use the same wallpaper on OSX and Vista.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. yusufosman


    if you're using coherence mode, there is no need for you to have wallpaper, so why not switch the wallpaper in your guest OS off. then you won't have the problem of the 'glitch' as well.
  3. NJRonbo

    NJRonbo Bit Poster


    Good idea - but no go!

    In VISTA, you can't turn off the background. If you delete the wallpaper you
    get a black background which seeps into the OS X wallpaper in COHERENCE

    There is a graphic glitch that pastes pieces of the GUEST OS wallpaper (or lack
    of it) onto the MAC desktop.

    Anybody have a solution?
  4. drval


    I don't see this problem when running XP.
  5. yusufosman


    Too I think I was referring to the XP part of your question, this problem does not happen in XP and you can also select no wallpaper. I've not used Vista so I can't comment, it could indeed be a glitch. Maybe try to use Virtue Desktops and then you'll have no need to keep looking at the parallels screen? I have XP parallels running in coherence in virtue no problems!
  6. bobbyt

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    I see this all the time in XP... If I set the wallpaper to none, it's replaced by the solid color defined in the wallpaper. If You set it to some crazy color (different than a normal desktop), and click on a folder or application, I commonly see that color occupy the space of the new window for a split second... If there is a lag in XP, I can in fact see the color clearly for an extended period of time...

    For the record, it's more noticable when opening a new folder for the first time. The second opening of the same folder is then cached, causing it to open quicker, so it's not noticable...

    It's easy to reproduce... Being my mac desktop is Green, if I set the wallpaper of windows to None, and set the background color to red, then run something like firefox or MSIE, it's impossible to miss all the flashes of red that come up all over the windows before they're done loading...

    I basically chopped my desktop for windows to perfectly align with my mac desktop, and it keeps the problem from being as noticable... Occasionally when there is a lag, however, it still looks odd to have a chunk of blank desktop over my populated mac desktop...
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  7. gegervision


    For now just take it out of Coherence and into OS Window then back into Coherence and the Wallpaper issue will disappear for the time being.

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