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  1. gracemolloy


    ya I know it's off topic, but hey.

    Ann Coulter's big problem, it's not so much *what* she says, as how she says/words it. She makes specifically argumentative and rude comments to/about people in order to ... raise controversy, get her name on the news, and here's the big one ... SELL BOOKS. If she didn't turn a retarded profit every time she calls someone a nasty name or says "Let's nuke the 'ragheads'" then she wouldn't do it. Profit, plain and simple.

    The funniest thing I ever saw out of her though was an appearance on Jay Leno the same night as George Carlin. She didn't have a cross/rude/inflammatory word in her that she was balzy enough to use. George would have wiped the floor with her and she KNEW it.

    That being said, I'm Republican and I *still* think Coulter and Dubbya are both retards (that are good at making money).

    Oh and ya this thread should definitely be locked.
  2. tom27


    Folks, why are there so many negative comments regarding the first post here?

    First of all, this forum is called "Parallels Support Forum" (see browser line) so it is quite natural that people (me included) expect to receive feedback here. Otherwise, Parallels should have named it "Parallels Users Community".

    Second, I currently am in a similar situation: I have recommended Parallels to a lot of international folks, but nobody can use it since USB support broke (I have posted numerous times, others have done the same and not one single feedback so far).

    Third, I must say a big "thank you" to Ben@Parallels because he was the only person to finally get me through to support. However, the support feedback ended with a question regarding the USB dongle I use - and where to purchase.

    I have given all and every detail to Parallels (incl. that exactly the same USB device *has* once worked but now does no longer under 10.4.9 and latest Parallels), I have even re-installed previous versions etc. but again - nobody keeps me up to date on any kind of progress. Nobody answered my questions if it could be 10.4.9 related etc.pp.

    Personally, I do really appreciate what great software Parallels have produced but if things are not working (for not only one but a bunch of users), then I expect feedback, especially in a support forum.

    From my point of view I really hope that Parallels get things sorted soon and I can continue to use the software I have paid for (which I cannot 100% at the moment).

    kind regards
  3. bkingbking


    Don't shoot the messenger so quickly

    Sure, it's annoying when forums are not used as productively as they could be, but Parallels support is dreadful, and people need to vent. I _hope_ that Ben's note about making it better is true.

    To wit, I've submitted two support issues dating to last October and December and still have not heard back from Parallels. Though I did get a call from Parallels sales rep asking if I'd like to buy more copies. I have not upgraded to the newest Parallels build (the one with coherence, etc) because I'm terrified that it will make Windows inoperable as the last two upgrades have done. Only through pure luck and friendly people have I been able to recover from previous upgrade issues. Why should anyone pay $80 for an unsupported product that relies on strangers to fix things?

    Apple has been calling Parallels users and there are rumors that Leopard may build-in VM support (beyond Boot Camp). Parallels had better get their act together and innovate if that happens.
  4. hoju



    You certainly are a good student of Ann, just as ignorant of your facts in your rants.

    If your "we" is intended to refer to the USA (which is unbelievably disrespectful and arrogant as I am pretty sure you didn't fight in it like my grandfathers did), then "you" did not "win" WWII... by any reasonable analysis, you can thank the work done by the Soviet Union, and the 25 million soldiers who fought and died on the eastern front. If not for them, Hitler would have stomped all over you... all while your own industry was collaborating with him.

    That's right yankee doodle, the commies won WWII for you, your hated enemies. Those evil evil commies. So stop the flag waving.

    It is always funny how republican loud mouths like to take credit for wars other people fought in, all the while never actually serving themselves. Why not stand up for your country and get yourself over to Iraq?

    And stop whining about this thread being off topic, you were never ON topic. Your comments were nothing but blather.

    And if you really are the next Ann Coulter, does that mean you are also a transgendered former man?
  5. Eru Ithildur

    Eru Ithildur

    I guess if we want the forum to appear like teenage kids ranting.

    I understand completely about complaints... But at least make them rational.

    It seems like a lot of people have issues with support. But, it's not worse than issues I've had with M$ products. I have had a graet experience with tech support here and have always found the answers to my issues by a simple search when I would get stumped, with one exception in which case I got a response back in just a few minutes.
  6. Eru Ithildur

    Eru Ithildur

    The reason why people who talk about the great wars so eneergetically never fight is because most of them are theorists, they think the theory of it is good so it must be good in practice. It's absolutely dumb... Just because theoretically a person can jump off a 40' building and land on concrete without getting hurt doesn't mean that we should all do it.

    For the record, I know people who are in Iraq, are going to Iraq, and have been to Iraq. My Uncle was in the Vietnam War, a good friend's Dad was a Navy Seals, another one's Dad, who I know well, was a commander in the Special Forces. My Great-grandfather designed the guidance system for the cruise missle in WWII. My list can go on. War is terribly brutal, none of those people think it is a 'great thing'. Maybe it can accomplish great things, but really, come back to reality.
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  7. spectre

    spectre Parallels Team


    It's sad to see that you are disappointed with our support, like Ben wrote in his blog - we are currently improving it rapidly. It takes some time and effort, but we are making progress.

    Regarding the sticky and your link - please pay attention to the fact that it's Tom Riddle who wrote the sticky and asked to send him PMs, not Tim Surgent. Tim really has a lot of work on his hands currently so it's possible that he could miss some PMs. Please don't hesitate to contact Tom if you have any problems with support.


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