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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by JosselinS, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. JosselinS

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    Hi, I recently purchased Parallels Mobile and with the release of Parallels Access it is no more available in the App Store. Now I'm afraid, because as a developer I use iOS 7 and know that right now Parallels Mobile is not fully compatible with it. And with the app removed from the App Store I assume there will be no more updates.

    So I recently purchased an expensive app, which doesn't work with the upcoming iOS version, and which will have no more updates in the future.

    Do you have an answer for that ? What are your plans for customers like me who do not have the money/need to upgrade to Parallels Access, and had an already perfectly working app which will not be supported in the future, all the more not working well anymore ?
  2. Dhickson

    Dhickson Bit poster

    Yes, it would be nice to be able to control the VMs like you were able to do with Parallels Mobile. Will there be an option like this as all. I also have that app that I paid for an now can't use it.
  3. lotw

    lotw Product Expert

    As long as you don't upgrade to PD9 then PM still works even on iOS 7. I still use it, even with its bugs (that never got fixed and most came over to its replacement PA). iOS 7 doesn't auto break old apps, most still run fine even without updates as far as I have found. Bento is dead (Filemaker 12 is useless for me) and I was worried about that when iOS 7 released, but it still works perfectly so I can keep using it, even without updates.
  4. Mark323

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    Looks like they have shut down parallels mobile, as of Sunday (when I noticed) none of my devices are able to access parallels mobile anymore. Time to try VMWare.

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