What happens when subscriptions ends?

Discussion in 'Account and Subscription Management' started by SteffenF, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. SteffenF

    SteffenF Bit poster

    Stupid question, sorry: what happens when my subscription ends?
    Can I use parallels then furthermore?
  2. Hi it depends on your subscription settings: if you turn off the auto-renewal, your subscription will expired.
    If your Parallels subscription's auto-renewal is turning on, you will be charged after 1 year of using subscription.
    For more info about auto-renewal please check this article and let us know if it's not that case.
  3. MarkC34

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    I don't think you response clearly answers the question as this is something I would also like to know.

    If I take out a subscription for the current version of Parallels (15), but before it renews I decide I do not want to auto-renew. Can I continue to use the existing version 15 or does the software stop working when the subscription ends?
  4. Hi, no.
    You can use subscription during the subscription's period (1 year). In order to prolong the application using you need to update subscription or purchase the permanent key.
  5. A200

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    Sorry but your answer still isn't clear... why after paying for a subscription for a year do I not get continued access to the CURRENT version I have installed (without access to future updates)? I also can't believe the price hike you have implemented making it borderline extortionate to be honest and completely priced out a large number of your members.
  6. ElliotA2

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    You can spend $170 buying the current version of the software and use it forever, or you can spend nearly the same amount this year and get just one year's use out of it. Your ability to use the software ends when the subscription ends. So after 1.5years, the value returned significantly diminishes.

    I do think Parallels have got this wrong. Their subscription is for the software, not the updates. Renting software for a finite period shouldn't quickly cost the same as buying the current version outright.

    Other software with relatively expensive subscriptions are for the updates, so at least when you stop you can continue to use the software. If you want to charge to use the software, rather than update it, surely make that in the clients' interest? (A Microsoft 365 subscription would take several years to "pay off" a full version).
  7. NicolasC10

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    i have a previous subscription from September 07, 2020 and i didnt renew it yet.
    I tried to update my payment details and it suddenly renew my account with expiration date 01/30/2023. i immediately cancel it as it was not my intention yet to renew it immediately.
    Now my question is, if I renew my account now, would it start now and would end on Jan 30 2024?
  8. kevinc30

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    I'm trying to renew and I get a message payment will be processed within one hour but it never does please help as you don't have any web chat available

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