What is recommendation for RAM?

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  1. SrinivasS


    Im new to virtual machine(VM). Im considering 8GB MacBook Air (m1) and use it with parallels for Windows OS. Please suggest if 8GB RAM going to be sufficient for smooth operation. I guess certain amount RAM is assigned to VM. Lets say 4GB is assigned, is that going to be sufficient?

    Please advise.
  2. SamS4

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    I don't think so. All the apps that I run require a minimum of a 6 to 8 GB virtual machine.

    If you think Parallels is going to be important to you going forward then I think you should also future-proof your machine and buy much more real memory.

    SWANDY Kilo Poster

    I have an iMac and made the same mistake (only getting 8GB of RAM) forgetting that Parallels "suggests" only using half the available RAM for the VM. (That's what I get from getting used to BootCamp which allowed the Windows installation to use all the available RAM.)
    Anyway, I changed the VM settings to allow for 6GB of RAM and Windows 11 PRO ARM seems to run fine. BUT a lot will depend on what you need/want to run. I only have a few games that I play around with under Windows 11 (and one older database program - Lotus Approach - that runs fine). Some games - that specify they want 8GB of RAM will still run under 6GB - but it depends on the program. MS Office and my photography programs I all run on the macOS side so they have full access to all the 8GB of RAM.
    If I were to do it again I would build the iMac with 16 (but that is what I said the last time LOL).

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