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    I have a Macbook with latest OS ( M1 chips ) want to install powerBI on it , so I want to use Parallels .

    We are staff in University , only want to buy 1 license , I know there is standard and pro version .

    our question is
    1) the standard version have 1-time purchase ,the pro version do not have 1-time purchase , have to re-new license every year ?
    2) we just want to run windows with PowerBI on it , standard or pro version is better for me ?
    3) the pro version is subscription base , need to renew every year , right ? however ,the license is program running on Mac , the license key is installed to the Mac , how to activate the license after re-new the subscription each year ?

  2. Adeboye Adeotan

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    Hello erict25,

    I am happy to answer your questions.

    1. The Standard version has both the 1-time (Permanent) and renewal (Subscription) options. Please note that with a subscription, you are not locked into a specific version and gain access to major updates and new features released by the Parallels Team. However, with a Permanent subscription, you are required to purchase an additional upgrade key to access new versions and features.

    2. We suggest you download the free 14-day Trial version of Parallels Desktop, this grants you a 14-day window and has all the features of Parallels Desktop Pro edition. I believe this should be sufficient time to test the Power BI software on your PC.

    3. You are correct, the Pro version is only available on a subscription basis. Our licensing mechanism auto-renews your license for an additional year when payment is confirmed without any further action required from your end.

    Furthermore, as staff of an educational institution, provided you meet the conditions, you ought to be eligible for an educator discount. You may find further information on this in the link provided below.


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