What's BROKEN in Beta6

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by tomm, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. tomm

    tomm Junior Member

    There is a serious problem in beta6 Networking, - there is a whole bunch of posts on the same networking problem on this forum.

    We need this issue quickly addressed and if we have to delete/reinstall some files, we need EXPLICIT AND CLEAR STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO FIX THIS. Not the usual incomplete Parallels insructions meant for geeks.

    I quite frankly don't understand how this beta 6 gto ever posted. Was it ever tested? I did not see any readme files or instructions advising users how to update to beta 6 that would warn them and expain how to do it properly.

    The Parallels Universe team should seriously think about improving their communication with users. People don't the hours to waste undoing problems caused by buggy software.
  2. Scott

    Scott Bit poster

    It's beta software. You should expect some issues from time to time. If things like this are that upsetting to you then you should perhaps wait for the final release.
  3. zaph

    zaph Bit poster

    Not to mention that the Parallels team is one of the MOST communicative and helpful development teams I've seen for a product in a long time. They are doing an excellent job, and to suggest otherwise given the last couple of months is pretty ridiculous. Beta software by definition has bugs. Release software usually has bugs too, but not usually as many, and it's not pretty much *guaranteed* to have bugs.
  4. dailo

    dailo Member

    I think we've been so spoiled with such great "beta" software that we are forgetting what the point of beta software is!! The point is for us to test it out, and report the problems back to parallels. So something broke, I have no doubt in my mind parallels is already fixing it with the help of all the great testsers.
  5. mmak

    mmak Member

    This is alpha now but don't blame Parallels

    This is now ALPHA software. Features implemented as we speak (USB, folder sharing) with significant bugs and major disruptions. I now can't boot an Xp installation after removing one of the network adapters from the device manager in XP.
    Having done some programming before (including patching A traps in Classic MacOS before X was born) I am actualy quite surprised by the quick releases especially when they are adding features and not just fixing bugs. New features require extensive testing and stress testing on different machines with different configurations. Granted, I do not know how extensively parallels does their testing.
    The reason some are upset is 1: virtually everyone was impressed by the speed of the VMs and ease of use of the early betas and PWS provided true and workable solutions to a lot of us that we forget it is pre-release. 2: some have already pyed money for this. But again, even big companies can suffer from this. Remember the FW 800 Fiasco with Panther? May not have been Apple's direct fault, but in my opinion, it should have been picked up before the software was out there. Whatever you call this software, alpha or beta, it is pre-release software and everyone is using it at their own risk.
    Maybe parallels should have a set of ?private?? testers before PWS is posted on the web, people truly willing to test and who would not mind if their machines got toasted in the process. Or maybe, we should just realize the seriousness of this process and not jump to download every beta.
    Just ranting at 1 AM :)
  6. vamp07

    vamp07 Member

    Guys this release is not that bad. Once you get the networking going by manually assigning your IP settings it's actually quite good. Better then B5 in my opinion. If we don't want to deal with bugs we should not be installing these releases. Maybe I missed something. Did Paralles at some point say this is no longer beta software?
  7. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey Hunter

    Not only is this not that bad as it can be fixed with manual IP and DNS entry, this is BETA SOFTWARE! Tomm, please QUIT WITH THE MULTIPLE THREADS ON THIS! We know already. And as indicated by Andrew's response in the announcement forum, Parallels knows too.

    So take a chill pill and quit with the multiple topics. It's not going to get it fixed any faster.
  8. netdog

    netdog Hunter

    Go to "Connect To" in your start menu (on the right) and select "Show all connections"

    Select your Parallels network adapter, right click (ctrl-click for one button mouse) the adaper and select properties.

    Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" in the list in the window and click properties.

    Select the button "Use the following IP address" and enter an IP that is consistent with your network (usually 192.168.1.x or 192.168.0.x) and make X a number below the range assigned by DHCP on your gateway/router. The subnet is usually in home networks. The DNS Server should be set to whatever the IP address of your gateway/router is.

    All of the missing information in the above paragraph can be found by looking using Airport Admin Utility on your aiport, or accessing your gateway/modem/router administration page through a web page (see the support page for your particular device's admin function at their website support section if you don't know how to do this).

    Please, anybody with more knowledge please edit the above so that Parallels can put up a sticky in the end with foolproof instructions. At least this is a start.

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