When copying files,If APFS format,then not in order of file names

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by yukaiz, Dec 2, 2023.

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    When using parallels, I found a strange thing. When the source file is on the Mac's built-in hard drive or other external hard drives with APFS format (this situation does not occur on other formats of hard drives),Directly dragging files to the source ,it copies them in the order of file names, but dragging folders to the source,it does not copy them in the order of file names. I feel that it is related to the format of the hard drive. I don't know why
    Just to add, not only fastcopy, but all other software works the same way. for example, directly dragging a folder to copy to a USB drive, it it copies not in the order of file names. I don't know what the order is:)

    The same applies to other software such as directory tree generation


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