When Parallel Tools for Windows/Linux?????

Discussion in 'Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux' started by Ambimom, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Ambimom


    I have been using Parallels on Windows XP host to run Ubuntu Linux....I am mostly satisfied. I love having the use of both OS at the same time; and even more so being able to backup and replace my guest OS so easily.

    I have adjusted to not being able to use my microphone or read data disks unless I'm in XP, but I wonder why Mac users get full integration with "tools" and there's no such tool for us. It would be really nice to have the seamless integration that Mac users seem to enjoy right now.
  2. constant


    Just to correct the perception, mac users do not have tools. Anyone who has a windblows guest, gets tools to use.

    If you swapped what your doing, as in Ubuntu host and windwoes guest, then tools would be available to you.

    Any number of people with a Linux guest have asked for tools to be available. This includes mac users.

    There is the promise of Linux tools, but no time commitment. The closest thing to a time commitment is "later this year".
  3. tgrogan


    Hey constant, wasn't it about this time last year when Andrew said 'later this year'? Face it, Parallels is so focused on their mac product where 99% of them just want to run windoze to be part of the majority - they don't care about people who want to run Linux. Enjoy the futility!
  4. Ray


    You're not wrong there. Total waste of time and money.

  5. lithe951

    lithe951 Bit Poster

    Get Windows users and you have 90% of the planet. Get Mac too and you have 99% of the planet. If you're a commercial entity, would you spend a lot of time on linux tools?

    Even if you look at just the Parallels audience, I'd wager at least 75% of those are interested primarily in Windows/Mac. Run Mac as the host and get all 3 OS platforms (I run Ubuntu 6.1 as guest), less some tools. Run Windows or Linux as host and you only get 2.

    Get a Mac. ;)

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