When will we see 3D support?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dmainzman, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. dmainzman

    dmainzman Bit poster

    Parallels Desktop for Mac is nearly perfect, in every way, for me. I don't have ANY of the other problems the other users do... even the RAM thing was never an issue for me.
    The ONLY thing I so desperately want is 3D graphics support. That's the single remaining issue preventing me from destroying my bootcamp partition and using only parallels.
    You guys said a while ago it was on the way within a few weeks... well, it's been a long bloody time, and still no sign of it.
    Can you just give me an idea of when to expect it... or even an announcement regarding it?
  2. DarylF2

    DarylF2 Member

    3D support is amazingly complicated and extraordinarily difficult to do right... VMware makes a product for Windows that is very similar to Parallels (an Intel-based virtual PC) which has been around for many years, is very mature, and has much bigger company behind it, and they STILL don't offer 3D acceleration for VMware...

    Parallels seems a lot more nimble and perhaps more dedicated (certainly more dedicated to the Mac market) than the VMware developers, so they can probably do it if anyone can. It may take a while, though...
  3. constant

    constant Forum Maven

    It's been talked about as possibly being available in the next major release, due Q1 2007.
  4. schmidp

    schmidp Member

    actually thats not true, vmware has experimental 3d support since, if I'm not mistaken, version 5.5

    lg philipp
  5. VTMac

    VTMac Pro

    I think you misread something. Parallels have never said 3D support within a few weeks. They've been consistent that it would be with the next full release of the Desktop product .. sometime in Q1. I'm sure you'll see beta stuff before then. And do to the complexity, I'm also sure you'll have HUGE problems with early builds.

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