Where are Snapshots stored?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Steven Schmidt, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Steven Schmidt

    Steven Schmidt

    Where are Snapshots in Parallels for Mac 4.0 stored and how are they named?
  2. priyak


    Hello Steven,

    Snapshots are stored in the following location:

    1. Launch Parallels Desktop.

    2. Click on "Virtual Machine" on top menu bar->Click on "Run Snap shot Manager".

    3. You can find the Snapshots here and also the names of Snapshots.

    Please check and let me know whether you are able to find them.

    Thank you.
  3. Steven Schmidt

    Steven Schmidt

    Thank you for your prompt reply. I was already able to find the snapshot manager. However, I wanted to know where the specific snapshot files were stored so I could see how big each snapshot is and also see if it was being backed up.

    Thanks again,

  4. desgael


    This would be several .hds files. Here is a way to find them:

    On both, .pvm and .hdd files you would need to right-click and select "Show package content".
    The structure would be, the oldest .hds is the first one and all the others are later snapshots. It is strongly not recommended to delete, modify or move them manually.
  5. oban2000


    Hello, I am also looking for my .hds files, but there are no files located in this folder: /Users/<username>/Documents/Parallels/

    My VM files are located in:

    There are also no files located in:

    which would seem like a logical place for these files to be stored. It would be very nice for the location of vital program files to be more transparently available.
  6. MrBungleBear

    MrBungleBear Bit Poster

    You need to right-click on the .pvm file and select "Reveal Package Contents" then you will see all the files you are looking for. If you want to see deeper into the actual .hdd files, you also need to right-click them and reveal package contents. Of course, there isn't a proper hierarchy and as it only "looks" like a hard disk file when used by //. Also, the directories are a total mess of files and weird index names in the filenames, files that are in use and those that are not, etc, etc, especially if you have been upgrading through the versions of // with the same VM.

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