Where is the link to the fourms

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by sriggins, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. sriggins


    I spent 30 mins and could not find this url, but found it via google lol.

    I checked support, faq, etc, etc.

    Might want to make it a little more obvious.
  2. dhjdhj


    Parallels removed the forum link from their website a few months ago - many have asked why but we still haven't seen a reasonable answer!

  3. VTMac


    Whether reasonable or not is up for interpretation, but Parallels has answered this questions directly on this forum. Their reasoning was the forum should only be used by pay customers, hence they mail the link to the forum when you buy the product.
  4. dmgwork


    i think its because they didnt want people who havent purchased to know the problems with the software
  5. scotty321


    This just makes no sense at all for the people at Parallels to do this!

    This is just bad customer service!

    1. People can download a free trial anyways, so there's many people out there using the product who haven't paid for it.
    2. People can find the forum on Google anyways.
    3. People like myself who HAVE paid for it are frustrated to not immediately find a discussion forum on the website, until we find it mentioned in the ReadMe file... and after having spent 7 hours screwing around, trying to make Parallels work properly.
    4. Consultants like myself who want to thoroughly research Parallels ahead of time before referring it to a client should be able to QUICKLY find this forum & be able to research questions & answers on the forum.

    Parallels, what are you thinking by hiding this forum?! This is bad customer service, all the way around. And we're already pissed off at you guys, because USB printing does NOT work in Parallels Desktop -- even the newest version that came out this week -- but you piss us off even more by hiding these forums!
  6. johnb


    i have to agree scotty. 'piss poor' is a pretty accurate description. however, if parallels removed the forum link from their website and don't seem to answer support questions, i'd suspect they don't read the forum. i'd be curious when the last forum posting by a parallel's person was.

    noting that they are a small company is not a good excuse either. they released a product and part of releasing it is providing customer service. i'm sure they would have realized fewer sales if the package said: "Now with no customer support!" on the front.
  7. scotty321


    The Parallels Tech Support is the WORST I have ever seen in the computer industry! We bought a copy of Parallels 3 weeks ago, and we have emailed Parallels Tech Support with 3 questions over 2 weeks ago -- we STILL have not heard ANY response from them yet!!

    We are dealing with a HORRIBLE COMPANY here, folks!

    Parallels does NOT answer tech support emails, they do NOT participate on these forums, and they do NOT care about the hundreds of bugs which are present in their product!

    I HATE Parallels, and I will NEVER recommend this product to ANY of my clients.

    Parallels, you guys suck!

    Of course, they will never see this message, because only God knows what they're doing with all of their time-- probably counting all the $7+ million that they got from selling this product to the unsuspecting masses.
  8. veggiedude


    The page source has this:

    <meta name="keywords" content="Where is the link to the fourms, forum,discussion" />
    <meta name="description" content="Where is the link to the fourms Parallels Desktop for Mac" />

    So they are not exactly hiding, so I wish they would put up a link, it only makes sense.
  9. originalgeek


    The most ridiculous thing about this is I just bought my Mac Pro, and wanted to trial Parallels. The only place you can find the download for the Mac Pro Update is in the forums. I was ready to write this off and VNC into a PC for my purposes today, instead of evaluating a product that may lead to a sale. I stumbled into these forums via a link from Ars.
  10. scotty321


    Take my word for it: AVOID PARALLELS. After my experience with their company over the last several weeks (in other words, NO RESPONSE AT ALL from any of their tech support people), I would NEVER recommend this product to ANYONE. Tons of bugs in the product. No tech support. Horrible company. Avoid it. Use Boot Camp or another option instead.
  11. JohnDProctor


    Cut them some slack, dude.

    I suspect they are a very small company with limited resources. Given that they can either:

    1. Fix bugs and add functionality
    2. Communicate with users

    The problem is that they can't do both efficiently.

    Given Apple's secrecy (remember when SJ announced the Intel switch they gave Mathematica 1 weekend before the announcement to port their app of over a million lines of code) the Mac Pro came as bit of a suprise. It did not work the same way as the core duo's. On top of this they have a customer base screaming for better video support (DirectX V10 here we come like it or not), better USB support, and Vista capability. They could have been like VMware and announced a product some 6-9 months ahead of delivery (shades of old IBM tactics here) or deliver a product which has a few wrinkles to iron out.

    I'm not a Parallels appologist, I bought a copy, I am using it and it generlly performs well for me but I too would like a few things fixed. I am willing to wait and see. If they haven't delivered in 6 months then maybe I'll look at VMware but until then I'm willing to give them the bennefit of the doubt.:)
  12. scotty321


    Yeah, I guess I wouldn't be so upset if I just bought a copy for myself to play with. But i voluntarily put myself in the unfortunate situation of recommending this product to a half-dozen clients... and now I'm the one who's getting yelled at on a daily basis by my own clients. It's my fault for putting myself in this position. I should have thoroughly tested this program first on my own, and then slowly rolled it out to clients with some advance warnings about the problems that still need to be ironed out.
  13. joem


    You're right. And your current level of relative calm is a welcome relief -- I could almost smell the smoke coming out of your ears.

    We all want all the bugs, including the ones we haven't discovered yet, fixed by 9:00 AM yesterday, but reality has a way of intruding into my software fantasies, and probably those of others too.

    They ARE a small company, and have been delivering improvements at an amazing rate since I joined the beta program in July. I'm waiting for a bug that's getting in my way to be fixed, and a couple of highly desirable features to be added, and I'd guess I've a couple of months more to wait. In the meantime, I'm still breathing, eating, sleeping, and writing code for other things. Life goes on whether I complain or not, but a positive attitude keeps my blood pressure down, whether it works for others or not. I'm pretty confident that the bugs will eventually get fixed, and the features will eventually be added. I doubt I could do it any faster, or make fewer mistakes, and I've been writing software since before some of the folks on this forum were born.
  14. JohnDProctor


    Oh and just for good measure why don't you try the Codeweavers beta of Crossover (Wine for the Mac). Now if you want buggy software...

    Not trashing Codeweavers as getting it up and running on a Mactel box is quite a feat. But it certainly ain't ready for prime time yet. Even more so they admit that they are Linux people not Mac developers so the bug chase will be long and slow I feel.

    I am a consultant as well and I don't recommend software until it has been out and tested for a while. There are too many things that can go wrong and release 1 of a product is just too risky. For anyone who has been around MacOS X for a while can you remenber 10.0 and how well it worked, not!:rolleyes:

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