Which Printers work best with Parallels

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Steve on Maui, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Steve on Maui

    Steve on Maui

    Aloha All, I am running 3.0, Build 4124.0 with Windows xp pro on a Mac Book Pro running 10.4.10. After trying 'everything' including paying 3 'pros' on Maui to a tune of $525+ for multiple opinions, patch programs, and reconfigurations, my Epson CX6600 inkjet printer on the Paralels/PC side still doesn't work with Parallels... while it works great on Mac side and on my PC laptop. (Seems like Epson is having a lot of problems with Parallels)
    I am willing to buy another printer, HP or Cannon, want best quality under $500 but it MUST WORK WITH PARALLELS. I am running Pagemaker on the Windows side for quit a bit of graphics and Must have a working printer.
    I would appreciate any suggestions as to 'what specific printer(s) to buy' and information as to your ease of installation. Much Mahalo for all your help, Steve.

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