Who is NOT having problems?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by unused_user_name, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. unused_user_name


    Just curious.

    I'm running 4.0 now and I had no issues at all with any of my many VMs.
  2. KenK


    So far, very minor issues.

    I upgraded to v4.0 this morning. The application upgrade went without any problems.

    I have upgraded my Win2K, WinXP, Redhat ELv4, Redhat ELv5, Ubuntu, OpenBSD v4.2, and Win2K Adv Server VM's so far. The only ones I had hiccups on were the XP and 2K Adv Server.

    Win XP: Due to the hardware changes, I have to re-activate. It dropped out of the upgrade a couple of times so I could cancel the activate screen, it then continued to completion. No problems restarting afterwards. Activation was easy, practically just hit the 'OK' button twice and I was done.

    Win2K Adv Server: Not sure what the issue was here, but it dropped out of the upgrade and I had to run the Parallels Tools file from the virtual CD drive. After that, it continued and completed the upgrade successfully. I had to go in and manually delete a SoundBlaster AWE64 driver from my device manager, but that was it.

    Every other VM upgrade has been smooth. Each VM seems to be working fine for me.

    MacOS 10.5.5
    MacPro 2 x 2.66Ghz Dual Core Xeon
    6GB DDR2 Memory
  3. vauha27

    vauha27 Bit Poster

    Me, everything went smooth (I have only one VM XP SP3)
  4. eread


    I think the problems are where automatic upgrades are impossible - e.g. no auto login. They haven't covered all the bases with the upgrades - but I'm sure it'll be more robust in time.

    I initially found the performance of PD4 very similar to Fusion 2 - i.e. absolutely smashed by CPU and performance was quite slow - something about new VM software?

    I reinstalled Parallels Tools (annoying kicks up the auto install splash screen) and things seem to have settled down. Was happy enough after Windows had finished booting (up till then, my very new iMac was getting pummeled).

    I now have the problem where my boot camp config is stuffed - so the boot camp vm can't connect to "Hard Disk 1" - but I reckon a manual edit of the config file will fix it.

    I think people are expecting a lot of PD4 on its first day - sure, it could be flawless, but everyone has been hammering the company for months about getting it released - can't blame them.

    Anyone who upgraded to PD4 on its first day is foolish if you absolutely positively need it for work.
  5. geordi59


    My question to those of you that have upgraded to PD4 and did not experience any problems:

    Is version 4 faster, if so, how much faster?
  6. summitscout


    I have experienced significant performance improvement with PD4 and am very happy with it. My VM feels like it got a hardware upgrade. Using MenuMeters, my CPUs with PD3 running used to hover between 30 and 40%. Now with PD4, they're 15 to 25%.

    A better measure occurred yesterday when I used my MacBook Pro on battery during a meeting. I got 2.5 hours out of the 6-month old battery while running 4-5 apps in each OS and with Airport on. Previously with PD3, I was less than 2. Though not scientific, that is a better than 25% improvement!

    There's been a few glitches, but overall I am pleased with the performance of PD4 and many of its new features.
  7. tinyhunter


    I even had no no issues with the beta version and in the final neither. All went smooth and well and had no issues, with OS/2. WinXP SP2/SP3.
  8. droe


    None 7 Macs upgraded

    Everything went fine. 3 Macs at home, 1 Macpro W/XP & Vista, 1 IMac 2008 W/XP, 1 Macbook Early 2007 W/XP & Vista. 4 Macs at work, 2 Macpro W/XP & Vista and 2 IMac 2006 W/XP
  9. rmanley


    I'm about to install on a new Macbook and have a few questions re the OOO.

    If I migrate my system over, should I uninstall PD3 then install PD4 vs update?
    Should I install PD4 before migrating?

    Thanks for the help.
  10. RedHerring


    I had no problems at all upgrading. Didn't even pay attention while it was doing it.

    I did have a problem after using my work network (wired GB ethernet) and then
    going home to use my wireless. I had to set the network settings back to default
    for the VM while the airport was connected and reboot the VM.

    I repaired permissions and verified the disk and backed up the VM to TimeMachine
    first. I also scanned the Disk in XP sp3 and shut down cleanly before upgrading.

    4 is vastly superior to 3, If you can get it to upgrade.
  11. Frederic Bronner

    Frederic Bronner Bit Poster

    No problem here either.
  12. biglar

    biglar Kilo Poster

    No problem here. Follow instructions to ignore errors, etc. when uploading. May take a while.
    I'm not using Bootcamp, though, and it seems most, if not all of the problems are with Bootcamp.
    Imac, XP
  13. chashulme


    All three of my upgrades went without a hitch, but they are all non-Boot Camp... Could it be that the only ones complaining are those *with* Boot Camp? I wish those suffering with the upgrade would be more specific about their type of Parallels install... FWIW.

    EDIT: I'm running Parallels 4 on a new MacBook Air (1.86) and am very pleased with performance.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2008
  14. eread


    Things are starting to settle down. Switching to adaptive Hypevisor and 2 CPUs for my boot camp partition (and having to delete the bootcamp hard drive in the config and re-add it) seems to have worked some wonders.

    CPU usage still seems high (between 10 and 70 %), but isn't 100% so the system is responsive.
  15. davez


    Things are working fine here now. Once I figured out that McAfee Virus Scan does not play well with Parallels 4 and I deleted McAfee everything went well and seems stable.
  16. engyew


    Must admit. I started it. I had to manually do something trivial and then I left it for a couple of hours, came back and it was done! And everything is fine! Didn't even take a backup -- living on the edge here!

    Win XP SP3, Office 2007, Cisco VPN, AVG Virus Scan. No Problems

    BTW. Its not faster but it seems to take less CPU - MacBook fan does not spin so much. Though, it seems to slow down at the end of the day - maybe it consume too many resources but even Mac OS menu items are slow to response. Like the battery indicator when in Full Screen mode - laptop won't die on me anymore when I am on battery on Full Screen mode.

    Would have liked Time Capsule increment backups but its not too difficult backing up 20Gb overnight. Just have to remember to do it.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2008
  17. stevp1


    Went pretty good for me too. Had to stop to manually excuse re-activation messages like someone above, but that was about it.

    As far as performance, some things have been faster, but opening some apps seems to take a little longer. Once they're open, however, they seem to run fine.

    big thing I've noticed is the overall machine not being slowed down by Parrallels. Before, my Firefox and Entourage would grind to a halt while Parallels was running. It plays much nicer now.

    I'm also curious if the folks having the most problems are sharing the bootcamp partition. I'm not. i have two separate windows installs.
  18. Dondi


    No issues with 4.0 and Vista VM

    I took the plunge last night and installed 4.0 on my MBP (w/ Leopard & 3Gb RAM). The install took some time and I encountered the "unable to convert VM" message at the very end of the process. I searched the web and Parallels forum but found no posts addressing that issue, so I just forged ahead, started the application, and installed Parallels Tools. After the PT install, the VM appeared to be working normally, but slower than usual. It was now 2:40 AM for me so I shut down the VM and my Mac.

    I restarted later in the morning and everything worked flawlessly. I also was not prompted to reactivate windows Vista as has been widely reported -- I did check the My Computer preferences to confirm that Windows was activated. I have yet to see the claimed 50% speed improvement, and my Windows Experience Score remains at 1.0 due to an unchanged Gaming graphics sub score of 1.0 (though the Graphics sub score did improve from 1.0 to 1.9).
  19. Howard Brazee

    Howard Brazee

    My problem is glacial speed. Closing Forte Agent usually takes a couple of seconds. It now takes a couple of hours. Everything else I've noticed is about as slow.

    So, no - it isn't faster for me.
  20. Dondi


    Follow-up: I definitely notice the speed improvement, particularly in Coherence mode. It's amazing how well Mac and Windows apps coexist side-by-side with no noticeable difference in individual app responsiveness. Each app feels very slick and behaves as if it is running natively. CPU utilization is also dramatically reduced vs PD3. This is interesting because I did not notice the speed improvement during the day while I was running PD4/Vista full screen in its own space (on my external 22" monitor). I'm definitely digging this -- and I am so glad that I upgraded!

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