Who is NOT having problems?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by unused_user_name, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. eread


    Make sure you set 2 CPUs (I find it spreads the high CPU load you often get over two cores - if you have them) and that Adaptive Hypervisor seems to do something (off by default)
  2. KenK


    Interesting bit about the HyperVisor. Mine is currently disabled and I am only using 1 core (I have 4) for my VM's. Everything runs smoothly. I was quite pleased to find that "Team Fortress 2" on my WinXP VM runs much better and there are less video artifacts than with PD3. I do notice that my Win2K VM takes a little longer to boot, maybe all of them do, but the performance I am experiencing with this unoptimized setup has me very pleased.

    Also, I am not using a BootCamp partition on any of my VM's, but I do have a BootCamp partition installed.
  3. Macaby


    My installation went very smoothly. Now it takes about 1 1/2 minutes to load up Vista in my VM where before it seemed to take several minutes more than that. I can't say that Excel comes up slower or faster, but lean toward faster. I think 4.0 is a great upgrade from Parallels 3.0.
  4. beagley

    beagley Bit Poster

    I had a number of problems, but I worked my way through them.

    Everything is working smoothly now.

  5. beagley

    beagley Bit Poster

    I am curious about that dual-CPU option. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo... does that mean I can tell my virtual machine that I have 2 CPUs? Really?
  6. davert

    davert Bit Poster

    That's my understanding.

    I personally found that in Window mode, Parallels was much slower than version 3. So I went down to two and we'll see how that goes; others have found two to be good. When running in the background, parallels seemed to interfere with the keyboard. Overall I'm pretty unimpressed and wish I'd stayed with 3.

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