Who will convert to VMware Fusion when it is released?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by limec, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. jtenenb


    I think that efforts to silence your critics will lead to an inferior product. Its not like the people on this board dont know that (I wont name the unnamable) the compeition exists and that they have a history of providing enterprise level support. I think that if you guys didnt have individuals here complaining, the assumption would be that everything is just dandy in support land. I think that you (you being the Parallels team) should focus on your existing customers as opposed to simply releasing a product (a great product I will add) to a public that may not be as technically savvy as those individuals who post on this board. In fact, one of my co-workers didn't even know this board existed and was about to uninstall his parallels trial when he failed to get any kind of email support responce. So far as Microsoft silencing their critics, they (as do you) have every right to do so, but as someone above mentioned, I'm not sure the folks who use macs would necessarly think of Microsoft as the ideal example of a great software company. I personally use Parallels because I love my mac, but HAVE to use a windows only program for my work. For what I do its great, but should I need support at 3am when I'm on deadline, I know it wont be there (as things currently are). That is a real concern and may cause me to jump ship.

  2. rickbsgu


    I don't know. I've been using Parallels since I got my Mac (before VMWare announced) - the ability to run several OS's and get Mac in on the mix was and still is a great promise. I would just as soon stick with the folks who brought us to the dance - on the Mac platform, anyway.

    At some point, when VMWare actually releases on the Mac (I've got their product for Windows machines), I'll monitor how well it works, but won't change unless there's a compelling reason.

    The main thing that might make me reconsider staying with Parallels are some things I've reported - I'd like to see them get fixed post-3188 (which actually seemed to introduce them.) Shutting down and restarting to regain network or sound devices after a suspend or switch is downright onerous. And, better support for Linux/BSDs would make me think about running competitor's product in - uh - parallel (if that's even possible)...

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  3. mike3k


    Considering a switch

    I'm considering switching, since I run Linux as well as Windows. Parallels Linux support is pretty bad. VMWare has tools for linux which lets the mouse move in & out of the window freely and synchronizes the click. Parallels *STILL* doesn't have tools for Linux. Furthermore, the new Ubuntu Feisty Fawn beta CD image won't even boot in Parallels but I've been able to install it successfully in VMWare. The only thing I'll miss is Coherence mode in Windows.
  4. BigPoppa



    Yes there are. Check the VMWare site.
  5. kshusker


    Whoever comes up with a solution to allow running a MacOS inside a virtual machine first wins.
  6. Stevamundo


    I think that I'll stick with Parallels.
  7. dkp


    It is easily possible but violates the Apple EULA for OS X just as does running OS X on a Dell computer (also easily possible).
  8. logandzwon


    I wont jump-ship per-say, but like someone else said, when it's time I need to upgrade, and it cost money to stay, I'll review my options. I have used VMware on linux before and it is an exelent product.

    edit: The one thing that could prompt me to change is if they have vm tools for linux. I use VM for fedora and RHEL. That would be a major advantage for me.
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  9. dkp


    Fusion provides tools for Solaris and Linux.
  10. Tom Ironcast

    Tom Ironcast Guest

    I would like to thank all of this threads participants for their thought and opinion sharings, even for not always pleasant criticism. We do understand, that bad input is also an input we need to see and act accordingly.So thank you again.

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