Why is 3186 "spooky" :(?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dizzydeane, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. dizzydeane


    Given that:

    (a) Didn't all of us including Parallels test a bunch of betas?
    (b) Wasn't each beta better? ... I thot each RC was better until 3170 with the iSight ish.
    (c) Wot the **** happened suddenly? ... It's like the ****g stock market :)

    WHY? Off the top Maybe:

    (a) Parallels threw away all their tested code?
    (b) We didn't really test the prior RCs?
    (c) Parallels had to "get it out"? And added everything in.
    (d) They felt it was ready for real time? And went a bridge too far.
    (e) Some or all of above?
    (f) NONE of the above?

    What do U think? And why? Tanx in advance.

    PS: I won't install 3186 aka release 2.x until I see better news here.
  2. darkone


    works fine for me.. what u have to remember is youre seeing only the problems in these forums. Consider there are many customers who are having not problems, thus having no reason to come/post here.
  3. wesley


    I have to go with darkone here. Only those who ran into trouble would bother posting about the experience here, save for such threads that ask 'who DOESN'T have a problem?' I'm very comfortable with the current release build (3186) myself.
  4. ajmaggs


    Or it could be that for anyone outside the US, it's IMPOSSIBLE to run build 3186, as it doesn't accept our activation keys. If they can get something as simple as that right, what hope the rest of the product........
  5. luz


    Definitely not. I am outside the US, and my registration code (bought long ago for the very first release) works perfectly.

    I had a lot of troubles in the early day when upgrading, but since I learnt to strictly follow the simple upgrade procedure...

    1) Stop (NOT suspend) all VMs before upgrading
    2) Install Upgrade
    3) Reboot the MacOS (very important to avoid networking troubles)
    4) Start the VMs and re-install Parallels Tools

    ...I had not a single upgrade problem any more. Of course, some of the new features in some of the betas had bugs or problems, but NEVER a VM was corrupted or otherwise not working any more. I installed my VMs (one XP, two Linux Debian) for one of the early betas almost a year ago, and heavily used them on a daily basis since.
  6. PeterP

    PeterP Bit Poster


    I agree with Luz. I'm outside the US and 3186 has NOT given me any trouble. I have also had no trouble with upgrades as long as I follow a similar procedure as Luz outlined. My only difference is that before initially stopping the VM, I uninstall Parallel's Tools and reboot the VM first. Then I stop it, etc.

    I did have problems with the mouse in a few earlier betas, but that is the only issue I have encountered, other than that all has been stable and effective -- even when used for as my production environment.

  7. fbronner


    Agree with Luz,

    Only once an issue with an upgrade and that was around 1948 or so, and I did trace it down to the VM being suspended before the upgrade.

    Since then I'm always making sure my VM sessions are shutdown before upgrading and that I reboot my MAC after the ugrade and I have not had any issues.

    I use my windows XP session at least 3 days a week for about 8 hours doing VS2005 development and once in a while I use my SuSE to do some Oracle. Besides missing some Parallel tools for Linux, and looking forward to get some eventually...

    Everything has been running very well, and I for one amy a very satisfied customer.
  8. dizzydeane


    THANK U, darkone & luz!. I needed to renew my faith in Parallels.

    I think luz's simple upgrade procedure in "Definitely not. I am outside the US ..." msg should be a sticky. The reason why is luz reminded me to REBOOT my MacBook Pro <sigh>!

    Hint to lurkers: For iSight in 3170 & 3186, try this: (1) Actions->Stop, (2) On the Stop screen, click on 'USB Controller'. (3) On USB Options screen, click on 'Connect USB devices automatically'. (4) REBOOT UR MAC!. It works for me.

    PS: I DID install 3186 today. It's looking GREAT ... sofah :).
  9. wesley


    Running non-localized Parallels build 3186 should be fine, regardless of geographic location. I myself am quite far from United States as well.
  10. AlanH

    AlanH Kilo Poster

    It's just boxed products purchased outside the US that have problems with upgrades. If you bought Parallels online then the software doesn't care where you are running it.
  11. Kage Musha

    Kage Musha

    Considering it's a final release, it's a shame to see that quite an amount of people are having problems with it, especially since those problems have been around with earlier beta releases it does make one wonder what could have been done better with those beta's and RC's issues.

    One might expect a 'final' release to be more stable.

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