Will give credit where credit is due; 4.0 working better

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by alvin moon, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. alvin moon

    alvin moon

    Don't know why and I'm not completely persuaded, but my lastest installation is going well. A little bit slow at shut down, weird shut down crackling noise, but if these guys can work out the bugs, they'll have a great product. The roll-out has been less than ideal and I'll wait to see what happens but on my Wintel XP Pro SP3 w/ Office 2007 and specialized programs, it worked well after intial installation (though there are still a few issues w/ installation).
  2. Dondi


    My 4.0 installation took a long time, but was virtually problem free - I received an "unable to convert Virtual Machine" error but the installation completed, started, loaded Parallels Tools, and ran without error. I just completed two full days of work in Parallels - pushing Vista pretty hard with Outlook, multiple Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, Powerpoint and Adobe PDF docs running simultaneously in Coherence mode alongside Safari and Omnigraffle in Mac OSX. All I can say is wow! Each app performed nimbly and felt as if they were all running natively. Not a single hiccup. I am very pleased with this upgrade.

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