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  1. well, my joy of parallels continues.
    Having completely struck out at making a workable VM using win2000 & my upgrade install CD, I decided to try win98, since I have a full install cd for that.

    appeared to be on the way to success until I installed parallels tools. At next boot, I got black screen in the vm with little special characters scattered around. Thought maybe it's a video driver prob. Sure enough, the parallels documentation mentions that the win98 vid driver may need to be installed seperatley. So.....I'm following the directions, then it gets to:
    "Select Specify a location option. Click Browse, in the opened window locate the ISO image with Parallels Tool: choose CD-ROM drive (Prltools) -> Drivers -> Video and choose Win9x, click OK to close the dialog box."

    Only problem: I DON'T HAVE A PARALLELS CD-ROM, I downloaded my copy off I looked all over, but do not appear to have a "drivers" folder under anything from parallels that was installed.

    So, more joy.

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    You don't need a CD. Instead, if you have trouble installing the tools from the Action menu, you can use the Parallels Tools installer .iso image, which can be found in /Library/Parallels/Tools (be sure to go to the Library folder on the root level of your hard drive and NOT ~/Library!) and is called "vmtools.iso".
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    Have you tried step #15 from this post?
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    He didn't say that "CDROM doesn't 'apperared into' [sic] windows" (whatever that means), did he? It seems to me that he said that he didn't have a Parallels CD. I was just telling him where to find the tools installer!

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