Window loses focus after upgrade to 5.0.9308

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Jim-Barry, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Jim-Barry

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    This week, I received the auto-update to 5.0 and installed it. Since then, when typing an email in Outlook or doing anything "lengthy" in a Windows XP vm, frequently, the window will lose focus, and I have to re-click into that window to keep typing.

    Not that I think it's relevant, but there's also a Windows 7 VM running, both are in Crystal mode, and the only app currently open in Windows 7 (other than the OS itself) is the Trillian Instant Message client.

    I typed this entire message in a Chrome browser window without ever losing seems to be that only when using the Windows VM, Parallels is somehow receiving an event notification in the background from something - could be Mac OS, could be Windows 7 vm, etc. that is making the current window lose focus.

    This behavior is 100% new to 5.0.3098 build - it wasn't here on the prior build that I only purchased two weeks prior!

    This is on an iMac with Core i7, 8GB, XP Pro vm, Windows 7 vm, Snow Leopard latest...
  2. drtech

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    I second this...

    It seems that when Windows 7 is running in Crystal or Coherence mode, Windows grabs focus every 60 - 120 seconds. The Windows taskbar flashes briefly above the dock and the running app relinquishes focus to Windows. This started after the upgrade to 5.0.9308. It did not occur prior to the upgrade. There were no other changes to the VM or host systems.

  3. drtech

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    I had replied to this post earlier stating that I was having the same issue after upgrading to the latest release, but for some reason it didn't show up in the thread. Probably user error. Either way, I have found a workaround.

    My Windows 7 VM in Crystal or Coherence was also grabbing focus from the active window every 60 - 120 seconds. Certainly an issue. At the same time, the Windows taskbar would flash on the bottom of the screen just above the Dock.

    WORKAROUND: In the VM preferences, choose the Options tab then select Crystal & Coherence. Uncheck "Bring notification windows to front." Now, the taskbar still flashes on the bottom of the screen every couple of minutes, but at least my active window does not relinquish focus requiring me to click it to continue what I was doing. This will get me by until a fix can be found.

    Hope this helps,

    Data Recovery Technician
  4. nvrmore100

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    The work around doesn't work for me. I have that off, and still get the flash/focus problem... ugh...
  5. Pablo Solórzano

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    I have already unckecked the option: "Bring notification windows to front" and have the same problem! it's annoying!
  6. DandyO

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    Lost Focus

    I was running Parallels 5 without the lost focus problem. Once I upgraded to Parallels 6 the lost focus problem started. I did a chat with support and they had me uninstall Parallel Tools and reinstall. This did not correct the problem. I don't have the "Bring notification windows to front." option. Does anyone have additional information or solutions to this problem.

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