Windows 10 ARM download for M1 Mac?

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    I have Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac (v17.0.1) and am trying to figure out how to get windows 10 loaded on my M1 mac with Big Sur. I had Win 10 loaded just fine on my older mac, but I know I need an ARM version of win 10, but I can't seem to locate one. I did find the Win 11 ARM download, but since that is an preview, I'd rather avoid that if at all possible. I know those expire after a short time, and I think the newest one will expire around the end of this month.

    Does anyone know where I can download Win 10 Pro? I already have a license code for it, just need the ISO or whatever.


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    There is no Windows 10 on ARM version available for download. You can use the Windows 10 Insider Preview that is available for download from Microsoft, choose the Dev Channel in your Insider settings and update to the latest build which won't expire for another 11 months. You will be stuck in the Dev Channel, though.

    Alternatively you can go to and create an iso for build 22000.160, install that and update to 22000.194 or 22000.258 and leave the Insider Program.
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    Update: While this file is not listed in any of the latest build categories, you can actually create an iso for 22000.258 which is the latest regular build. I hope this link works:
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