Windows 11 in Coherance Mode Won't Minimize Outlook (or really any application)

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by JeffP18, Oct 19, 2021.

  1. JeffP18

    JeffP18 Bit Poster

    So, not sure if anyone else has seen this and if there is a solution.
    Parallels Desktop 17. Have the Windows 11 OS installed. Running programs in Coherance.

    I start up Outlook and it shows up on the Mac bar at the bottom. I minimize Outlook and it drops to the dock and then immediately maximizes itself. I minimze it again and it just maximizes itself again.
    It seems like every app I start just wants to always stay maximized. I try to minimze and it just pops back in maximized.

    Anyone seen this? And if so, how do I make it stop!?!
  2. WANGX1

    WANGX1 Bit Poster

    I have the same trouble, did you find any solutions´╝č
  3. JoeL16


    Same here...any response from Parallels open this?
  4. SeanB12

    SeanB12 Bit Poster

    I am having the same issue, it seems to occur fairly randomly and sometimes goes away with time or I have to restart the virtual PC. A fix would be great, this problem is extremely annoying when you are trying to use multiple programs at once.

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