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    I also have a NetGear Orbi setup, however it's the RBR750 with the same firmware. I also enabled email logging (see Netgear forum), appears to fix a bizarre bug as this apparently clears logs that fail to clear otherwise and cause occasional dropouts/reboots of the WiFi service.
    Between the new firmware and the email logging being enabled, I've had solid networking experience in Windows 11 under Parallels.
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    Totally agree! However, I don't blame Apple nor Parallels. I do blame Microsoft/Qualcomm for their exclusivity agreement for the Surface Pro X ARM edition being the only OEM source of Windows 11 ARM for so long. I'm seeing a few other Windows 11 ARM systems now, so the exclusivity has expired. Not a compelling large enough market base for device developers. I remember how long it took to get new drivers for some of my devices during the Windows XP to Vista and newer Windows OS releases. Also many were likely put off by the much older Windows R/T way back.
    However, I'm amazed with what does work with Windows 11 ARM and hopefully the market share will continue to increase. Until enough customers petition these device driver developers at the different vendors, likely it will continue to be an issue. If Metal 3 API (currently in beta with macOS 13) does a great job and brings the better ability to provide DirectX12 compatibility, I expect Parallels deployed versions of Windows 11 ARM will help that market base to grow. Especially considering how well the base M1 performed Windows 11 ARM via Parallels compared to Microsofts/Qualcomms own SQ1 and SQ2 SoC's. That's impressive and promising enough for me to stick with it despite device driver frustrations.
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    Those with complaints about lack of drivers/support from non-MSFT venders (printers, etc) need to understand that MSFT currently doesn't have Windows for ARM licensing outside of the Enterprise/Business environment. So all of us who are toying with the "insider hack" to get it working inside Parallels are not going to be a priority for them because (1) Technically we're breaking a license agreement (aka: not legal) and (2) it's so niche that there's no reason to spend the resources. Mostly #1 though.
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    I have had this setting for awhile, and Windows/Parallels does run very fast for me!
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    hi guys, windows 11 on mbp14inch here, after installation it just keeps spinning in this screen for ever.. any ideas how to fix? Thanks. Couldn't find it on the forum elsewhere

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