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Discussion in 'Account and Subscription Management' started by ParallelsU1141, Jun 1, 2023.

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    I am using Parallels 18 ARM on a M2 Mac.
    I set up an initial user account and then another user account in Windows 11
    Then I deleted the first user account and it disappeared.
    However, when booting up Windows 11, I am still prompted for a password for the deleted account. I have to click on the page so that the second account appears and I can type in the PIN.
    I have done everything Tech Support suggested but still that deleted account appears on W11 bootup.
    Should I delete the Windows 11 VM and start over? Any other solutions?

  2. Adeboye Adeotan

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    Hello ParallelsU1141,

    Please perform the following actions:

    1. Start Parallels Desktop.
    2. Start your virtual machine.
    3. In your Windows virtual machine, press the CMD + R keys to open the Run dialog box.
    4. Type netplwiz into Run, and click/tap on OK to open advanced User Accounts.
    5. If prompted by Windows to grant access, click/tap on Yes.
    6. With the exception of your new user account, remove all other users in the list.
    7. Click on "Apply".
    8. Restart your virtual machine.
  3. ParallelsU1141

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    I tried this but got these messages:

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