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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Tom Lovelace, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Tom Lovelace

    Tom Lovelace

    Did an install with Parallels 4 for Mac (latest vr) and Win 7.
    Win 7 refused to "see any network adaptors.
    I removed Parallels and Win 7.
    Re-installed Parallels but Win 7 just starts to install then gives the following error message:
    The ""The unattend answer file contains an invalid product key. Either remove the invalid key or provide a valid key in the unattend answer file to continue with Windows installation"
    Where is this file located and should I delete it and input the corrected key upon request? Or just locate the file and edit it, inputting the corrected Win 7 Product Key?
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  3. Tom Lovelace

    Tom Lovelace

    Thanks for the link!
    Here is an even easier (much less interactivity) method of installing the Win 7 upgrade onto a blank HD or Parallels VM:
    Clean the HD and start the Win 7 install on the blank HD or Parallels (VM app on a Mac). Select the top (easy) option.
    When it asked for the Key, uncheck the little box at the upper left of the Key input boxes, leaving the Key boxes blank, and just hit continue, OK, or whatever, to advance.
    The installer will install completely, and sign onto your wireless network and locate all the printers. No problems at all.
    Then open a Win 7 window and run setup.exe on the Win 7 DVD a second time. (yup, 2 installs are required)
    The installer will "see" the first install as a viable OS and "upgrade" it.
    Then it will ask for the Key again. (this time there is no small box to uncheck) Enter the key and it will take it and continue the "upgrade" to the first install !
    That is all that is required to install onto a blank HD, or into Parallels, using the $49.00 upgrade version of Win 7 instead of the $200 Full Version.

    Hope that the above is of some value to you and the Support Group. Share as you like.
    And thanks for the link that you provided!
    Tom Lovelace
    Minden, Louisiana USA
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    I have the same error alert occurring with the "unattend" file, even though I was very sure to enter the product code exactly right. I don't see anything in the custom mode installation that would eliminate this error. Can you please explain why we have to use a custom mode installation to get around this error, and why that would work?

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