Windows 7 USB Audio problem

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Peter Linsener, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Peter Linsener

    Peter Linsener

    i'm using built 4.0.3834 under OSX 10.6.1 on a half year old Macbook Pro, 2.5 GHz 4 Gb RAM. I've installed Windows 7 64 bit in the VM, which runs smooth with a couple of Apps I need to run in Win environment. I need to use 2 USB devices, one is a proprietary USB copy protection device, which also runs fine with its Windows 7 drivers, however, I also need to run a pretty popular Edirol UA-101 Audio Interface , but couldnt get it to work. Edirol has Windows 7 64 bit drivers available, which seem to work fine on a PC, however, no in my setup.
    I tried almost everything, but the driver does not recognize the device, when used in the virtual machine. I can see the device being there in Windows device manager, but somewhat driver and device do not get together. Windows says there is no suiteable driver, and the driver installer says there is no suiteable device. As I said, this is working when I install it on a regular PC.

    Any Idea ?

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