Windows 8 Trackpad Gestures

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by koppah, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. ErnieS


    I'm having issues with the charms gesture - my right palm brushes the trackpad constantly and makes that charms bar pop up constantly. I do want the gesture, I just don't want it to be accidental. I normally don't have any problems with accidental gestures on the trackpad, it seems to be only this charms gesture in the latest patch that is "hyper sensitive"
  2. jasonalec


    Same problem here. Sometimes the gestures don't work at all and other times my palm brings it up while typing making it completely unuseable. Also would like to use the Windows C combination without having to use third fn key while in full screen mode.
  3. koppah

    koppah Bit Poster

    You can disable the Apple-C and other shortcuts like this in the main Parallels options.
  4. NewUser1


    When will windows 8 trackpad gestures be supported

    I would like to confirm if trackpad gestures are supported for windows 8 and parallels 8?

    I asked Parallels support (Victor) and he responded with the below

    Then if you follow that link you will find this

    This suggests trackpad gestures are not supported for Windows 8.

    The two finger swipe right and left do not work for me in IE or Chrome for navigating back and forth.

    Is there any plans on supporting this in the near future? or does anyone know of a way to make this work? I've also tried Better Touch Tool and that did not work either.

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