windows 98 will not run

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by BrianDS, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. BrianDS

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    Posted this in the install forum last night. No response, so I am trying it here.

    windows 98 will not run
    2008 iMac, 4GB
    upgraded working win 98 virtual machine from version 3
    will not start
    Fatal error occurred in the virtual machine Problem report window comes up
    Sent problem report id #10148 (among others)
    reinstalled win 98 over existing image -- same error
    installed win 98 on new disk image -- same error
    disabled usb, sound, networking -- same error
    restored image from backup, upgraded again -- same error

    three win xp images upgraded and working
    one win 2003 image upgraded and working
    Need win 98 to run an app that does not work on xp

  2. Specimen

    Specimen Product Expert

    If it's an inability of PDM4 to run win98 I know this won't make up for that fact, but if it helps you with your particular problem, if it's a MSDOS app you need to run you can always try to install FreeDOS (google is your friend) on a new machine and run the app there.
  3. White fox

    White fox

    Try to locate exactly at which point the error appears. Use snapshots along the way until you know exactly where the problem lies and then submit a detailed report. I´m having a problem with a program in Windows 98 as well and now I´m doing that procedure. I install everything from scratch and remove all unnecessary hardware. Good luck! After all: PD4 is definitely the way to go.
  4. BrianDS

    BrianDS Bit Poster

    Good suggestion.
    I am running the app another way.
    It is the Oxford English Dictionary.
    I spent about $400 for it ten years ago and don't see where buying the next release gets me much.
    But I do enjoy looking up the odd word.


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