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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by onurK1, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. onurK1

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    Hello there,

    I am using the latest version of the parallels desktop on M1 chip Macbook Pro. I had windows installation while I am installing Parallels Desktop. So now when I am using windows, I see that it is not activated. Is there any problem with using windows without activation? If so how can I activate windows, should I download it (etc. iso file)? If all these steps are necessary and I had a licensed windows, would the previous data on my current unactivated windows kept or will it be deleted?

    Thank you very much in advance.
  2. EricV4

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    I'm not specifically sure about Windows 10 for ARM, but in general Microsoft does not enforce activation with the same vigor they used to. With a deactivated copy the main limitation I can find is that you cannot personalize your copy of Windows; i.e., choose desktop wallpaper, themes, colors, etc.
  3. onurK1

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    I see, thank you very much for your response that was very helpful.

    Although I can do anything (network sharing, file sharing etc.) I am not able to find my printers on windows which works fine on Mac side, would it be related anyhow to this windows activation issue?
  4. Maria@Parallels

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    Please check this thread, looks like there is a possible solution for the printers issue.
  5. ChrisL31

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    Does anyone have any real information on the activation issue? I find it odd since I don't see why, as part of the Insider Program using beta software with their hooks in it I should be activating. Unless there was a key I missed when I signed up, but I don't see one in the emails I got from them. I'll contact Microsoft and see if I can find out what the deal is. Now that Parallels is asking us to pay, I'm feeling a little like I'm paying for beta software supporting beta software. The performance isn't stable enough that I feel like that's such a great position to be in.

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