Windows Blue Screen after Novell 6.5 Client Installed

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    Currently using Parallels V3.0 Build 4560 with Tools of same Build on a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.4.10. Under Parallels I am running Windows XP SP2 and all updates loaded.

    Everything was running perfectly under Parallels and in Windows XP there were no issues with any hardware etc. -- all drivers loaded and no errors. Now I needed to add domain information, Wins, DNS, etc to Windows config to join into the office domain. Everything worked running, connected.

    Now everything fell apart -- nothing worse when you have problems with your Mac/Parallels PC.

    Next step was to add the Novell Netware Client 4.90.2. Added, rebooted and just was I about to login, I got a blue screen erroring out on PRLETH.SYS

    It seems that just after booting, when connected to the network (wired ethernet), I get the blue screen and the process automatically reboots again and again. If I disconnect the MacBook Pro from the network, I do not get the blue screen and everything functions fine.

    I need to have Windows running under Novell to function in my environment.

    I have had Novell Netware Client 4.90.2 working with a previous Parallels configuration running Version 3.0 Build 3122 but the tools were still at Version 2.5. They did not get upgraded because of problems I had in upgrading of the Tools from 2.5 when I upgraded to V3 of Parallels.

    Can V3.0.4560 run with Novell Netware Client installed?
    Solutions, ideas...???

    ---------------------------------- Correction -----------------------------

    I originally stated Novell Client 6.5 - I checked and I am actually on Novell Client and Parallels Build 4560 -- I've loaded so many builds I am off
    track here
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    I'm running the Client32 4.91 SP3 in my WinXP SP2 VM without problems, even through a VPN connection.

    The PRLETH.SYS driver is the Parallels driver for your netwaork card, so I suggest you try to resolve your problems with installing Parallels tools und upgrade them to the latest build.

    P.S. I upgraded my installation to Parallels Build 4560 (also upgraded Tools) and everything continues to run smoothly.


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