windows error- file not found- while installing with parallels 4

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Evelienv, Sep 16, 2009.

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    I can´t install windows on my macbook 10.6.1 through parallels 4. It stops at one of the last stages of the windows setup-process saying it cannot find certain files.

    I tried to insert a screen shot here but i cannot find out how. This is all the info from the message.
    C:\windows\system32\presetup.cmd-FILE NOT FOUND, and
    C:\windows\system32\setupORG.exe-FILE NOT FOUND (setupORG.exe -> Original windows Setup.exe)

    Possible cause:
    1. ´presetup.cmd´ not exist in the i386 folder on UXPCD
    ´setupORG.exe´not exist in the i386 folder on UXPCD
    2. Check your ´TXTsetup.sif´ in the i386 folder on UXPCD
    presetup.cmd must exist
    setupORG.exe must exist

    Before starting parallels i made a standard 5 gb partition of my harddrive with boot camp.
    I did not use any BETA software. Parallels tools are not installed.

    I really hope somebody can halp me out here.
    thanks a lot in advance.
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