Windows extended desktop on a MacBook?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by wandsy, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. wandsy


    Is Windows Extended Desktop supported under Windows on the Apple MacBook (not Pro)?

    When running Windows via Bootcamp I was able to extend my desktop to a second monitor I have hooked up through the mini-DVI port.

    When running Windows via Parallels, Windows doesn't recognize the second monitor. OS X does, but it is not recognized by Windows in Display Properties\Setting.

    I am trying to figure out if this is a limitation of Parallels, the MacBook, or Windows not being configured properly.
  2. unused_user_name


    As far as I know this is a limitation of VM's.

    I've never seen a VM that allows a virtual OS to run in 2 windows at once (or 2 maximised windows for full-screen mode).
  3. bobbyt

    bobbyt Product Expert

    I don't know for certain, but it seems likely to me that parallels software only suports one monitor....
  4. Sheppy


    You ought to be able to create a custom display resolution that would result in an extra-wide window that would span both monitors...
  5. Sledneck


    I have Parallels running Windows XP on a second monitor most of the time without any problems.
    I have the 17" IMac
  6. drval


    extended desktop

    Yes, I can run Parallels on the second montior and have XP appear over there; I can also run Parallels on the primary monitor and have XP appear over there. What I can not seem to do is to have XP see and use BOTH monitors in an extended desktop mode.

    Normally to do this in Windows one would:

    Double Click on Display Properties (in Control Panel)
    Click on the Settings tab
    and if two monitors are physical connected and turned on then you should see two icons for monitors.

    This doesn't happen when running Parallels -- only the single monitor icon appears.

    In most Windows installations this can be corrected by using the Advanced button and seeing what Display Adapters are available. Doing so when running Paralles indicates that the "Paralles" adapter is running and that it ONLY allocates 8MB of VRAM!

    Has anyone successfully dealth with this?

    If this isn't addressed then I wil have to abandon Parallels as I need to have a full, exteneded Windows desktop available.
  7. drval


    further update

    I've now downloaded the beta 3106 build -- great improvements!!

    But, unfortunately, I still have the same problem: viz, no second monitor icon in the Display Adapter/Settings panel.

    I'm sure this will be solved at some point but I would greatly appreciate any ideas for work arounds now -- and would appreciate a heads up from the devs about when this feature will be directly implemented.

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