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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by davidhale, Jul 30, 2007.

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    I want to share a windows-only printer on the VM with MacOS X. I've turned on sharing but MacOS doesn't see the VM in the network workgroup list. Does anyone know how to turn this on properly?
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  3. davidhale

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    I am sharing my printer in Windows.

    In MacOS, I didn't find Printer Browser Utility, but using something called Printer Setup Utility, I click Add, then More Printers..., then after 2 1/2 minutes it shows the workgroup pull-down. I pick the workgroup and after 4 minutes it shows the printer. I click the printer and 5 1/2 minutes it shows the models. I click the model and 4 more minutes until it is added. Now any time I try to open the Mac print tool or the printer itself to show its status, or File->Print from any application, it takes about 4-5 1/2 minutes to refresh (in other words, I get the MacOS "spinny icon" for that long and the MacOS window in question is hung for that period).

    Plus, in the end, it never does print; it gives an error after about 90 seconds of trying. I wasted literally an hour just adding and deleting this printer.

    Why would this be so slow? Clearly there is a problem here. Even if it did print (which it doesn't), the delay is too long to be useful. Anyone have an idea where the problem(s) could be?
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    try deleting the printer from the printer setup utility.
    open system preferences and click on the print & fax button
    under the printing tab, you should see a list of your the "+" under the printer list...that brings up the printer on "more printers".
    in the box that appears select Windows Printing from the top drop-down menu.
    select your network workgroup in the next pull-down menu. then select the computer that the printer is connected to.

    hope that helps...

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