Windows Shuts Without Warning

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by LynnB2, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. LynnB2

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    I have a fully paid up license for Parallels and a fully paid up license for Windows 7.
    I only use windows on my MACBook Air (running Yosemite 10.10.5) for access to my (fully paid up) Xara Photo and Graphic designer v10.1.5.37495.
    Every hour, Parallels closes down without warning. As I am designing at the time, I am so engrossed in minute detail that I forget to regularly save. I lose lots of work frequently even though sometimes Autosave in Windows does recover some things.
    Why does this keep happening when I am fully licensed?
    Thank you
  2. ManojK@Parallels

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    Please email us the issue along with the problem report ID generated as per this link to cs(at)parallels(.)com, so we can check it for you.
  3. Shirleyrchandler

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    It may be because of some technical problems. you follow that above given link to solve your problem. The windows shuts down not because of the license. For any essay writing help refer Custom essay writing service.
  4. MichaelP64

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    After many years, a similar problem appeared to me, which gives me big headaches. (((
  5. ahsanna

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    From here all of you can try out Windows Shuts Without Warning for a good enough reason. All i hope is Assignment Master can be used for the rest of the year for me and i will be able to use it for the rest of the community in the following years as a good way to work this out.
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  6. Gabby

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    I have the same problem
  7. PeterG30

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    Check the Computer for Overheating
    These days, computers are programmed to shut down after heating up to a certain temperature. This is a safety measure because damage to both hardware and software components can occur if your machine gets too hot.
    If your Windows 10 PC shuts down abruptly, the first thing I would recommend you do is to check if it's overheating.
    Overheating could be due to damaged or underperforming fans, poor ventilation, dust, and inadequate power supply.
    What I would recommend you do is clean your computer, make sure the room in which you're working is well-ventilated, use a stable power source, and elevate your laptop if some parts of the fan are on the underside.

    This May Help,

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