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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by spectre, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. spectre

    spectre Parallels Team

    Dear Users,

    Please keep in mind that the latest Parallels Desktop 3.0 build 5160 introduced some changes to the Windows taskbar hiding as was requested by many beta-testers: now the program remembers two independent settings for taskbar in Coherence and the other view modes.
    If you had the option to hide Windows taskbar checked in some older Parallels Desktop build, you may see that taskbar has disappeared in the Fullscreen/Single Window modes too after updating. To solve this issue just re-enable showing the taskbar for these modes (you can use Parallels "Applications" menubar), the setting for Coherence to hide/show the taskbar can be controled the same way and will be remembered separately.
  2. shahrum


    Where is the item for "hiding taskbar" now listed? The only option I see where it used to be is "automatically relocate."

  3. palouis


    Me too - I cannot see hide tasbkar in my views

    This is a royal PITA - coherence with a damn taskbar is pathetic ... any comment/suggestions?

  4. jackybe67

    jackybe67 Kilo Poster

    When your vm is "running" you'll see in upper taskbar "applications". There you can change task bar.


    ps: when your running coherence then change taskbar to hide, in single window is still will show.
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  5. musk


    With the taskbar set to "Hide Windows Taskbar", I've occasionally had the taskbar show up and not go away after a period of working in Coherence. To make the taskbar go away again, I've had to toggle the Show/Hide setting, at which point it reverts to normal hidden behavior. I haven't noticed a pattern to what makes this behavior start yet.
  6. MicroDev


    The upgrade/installation should show the task bar by default. It would save the typical user a lot of trouble trying to figure out what was going on when the task bar disappears. It was not obvious - even a dialog message during the upgrade would have helped.

    I, for one, do not use coherence mode and when the task bar disappeared I thought the problem was a compatibility issue with the new tools. When I de-installed the tools the task bar worked fine. Only after checking the forum did I see the note about the new setting.
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  7. vjl


    Wow....I updated to 5160 Monday morning and have been unable to use it since then because of this issue [and the fact that Parallels Tools uses 100% CPU]. I searched for some kind of forums on the Parallels website and the only one I found was in the "Community" link in the header. The support page does not mention this forum at all. When I went to the knowledge base and searched for another item, I was thankful that there were some forum links at the bottom of the results. Couldn't search the forums without registering - registered and was happy to find this post, but this is completely unprofessional way to treat users. Why disable the taskbar by default? There is no reason at all for this! I run Parallels in a window or fullscreen - having no taskbar made me think there was another problem with this build. It should not take 2 days of research to find out it is a default setting.

    Now I need to hunt the reason why it takes 150%+ CPU on my MacBook Pro. This is the first upgrade that I've had any issues with, and if there was some way to downgrade, I would ASAP. I have work to get done, and don't enjoy troubleshooting programs to get work done. That's why I own a Mac.

  8. cmuench


    I agree 150% with you. It seems that with every parallels upgrade lately is just getting worse and worse. Hopefully they will imporve their act soon.
  9. socratic


    Shouldn't the option to toggle the taskbar on and off be under the "View" menu rather than the "Applications" menu? I had to poke around for quite a while before discovering a way to turn off the taskbar. The Applications menu is far from an intuitive location (esp. when there is a View menu nearby).

    Anyway, a small complaint for an otherwise good product.
  10. LCPGUY


    I don't know why some of you are getting such high CPU usage rates as I am showing 10% CPU with build 5160. If your System Idle is high, well that's just normal for Windows. Even so, the Mac Activity Monitor shows very low CPU usage.


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