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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Matt19, Jun 6, 2018.

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    Hello we've got an issue where Windows updates is suddenly breaking our Windows installs.

    We have about 20 x 27-Inch iMac Retina 5K, Mid-2017 machines with Fusion Drives. All Running 10.12.6, Latest Parallels installed regularly.

    I created a BOOTCAMP partiton and made a build of the Windows OS and Installed additional applications within. I then used Winclone Pro, to clone that bootcamp and then created an installer to deploy that build on each machine. Parallels installed and told to use Bootcamp as the guest OS. All settings changed to shut VM down on Window Close and Quit - to avoid any corruption if the user chose to Bootcamp.

    Initially we wanted the ability for users to choose if they wanted to use Windows within Parallels, or if they needed full hardware resources to bootcamp to Windows. However all users only use Parallels and don't use the Bootcamp option ever.

    Recently we have had two machines that after Windows stating it was installing updates, now fail to boot in Parallels please see screenshots and the blue error screens. All attempts to fix in safe boot etc have not worked. If we try and Bootcamp we just get a solid black screen and have to force the machine down.

    My initial question really is where this fault lies, and who to go to for support ie it's Apple Hardware, using BOOTCAMP image created by Two Canoes Winclone running Microsoft Windows 10 inside Parallels 13, all of which are going to say another is to blame.

    I've already spoken to Parallels support, who say that as it's using the bootcamp install, that parallels doesn't modify that. However I'm wondering if the updates are being installed based on the translation of hardware via Parallels. Also why are we getting blue screen in Parallels and Black when BOOTCAMPing? I'm also wondering if the fusion drive is causing issues.

    We are happy to ditch the use of bootcamp, but my fear is the rest of the machines will eventually succumb to this, so do I act now - I've looked at halting Windows updates but I've read it's pretty difficult without adverse effects, so I either need to work out how to fix it or if to just create a standard Windows PVM and how best to clone that to other machines?



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    I'm having the same issues. Have you had any luck?

    I'm running a MBP 2017 15" 16GB Ram quadcore with discrete graphics.

    Bookcamp/Windows 10 last worked July 22nd ish. I last restarted into OSX and had not opened Windows 10 Pro again until tonight. I started with bootcamp with parallels.

    It kept restarting. So I restarted Mac and went straight into the Windows 10 boot file and got several blue screens about "wdfilter.sys" not loading. Then I tried to boot into Safemode in a direct boot. Then got the blue screen with "Bad system config file" stop code. From what I'm seeing a lot of posts about windows 10 update causing issues, but I've also seen people say it has to do with bootcamp not being current enough to provide drive support for the new update.

    I'm not 100% sure I have the latest windows update because I wasn't paying attention during my last restart/shut down of windows 10 pro. But, I've got a feeling I do.



    Brian Gilbert

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