Windows XP Pro sp2 suddenly booting it takes over an hour

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by mydanes, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. mydanes


    Please help. I am unsure what is going on - the ONLY thing I changed was I gave the Administrator account a password and enabled remote desktop on the vm

    Now LITERALLY WEll over an hour to get past blue screen stating windows is starting up.

    FINALLY it gets to the page to login. I will get you an exact time since at 1015 a.m. (65 minutes ago) I started the VM and it is still waiting.

    The interesting thing that I noticed is when I click startup - within SECONDS it flashes (so fast you can barely see it) what appears to be a failed login screen where you would click ok and be prompted again to login but it then flashes to the blue screen windows is starting up

    With the exception of this situation my VM's usually boot very fast and very problem free

    this is Parallels 4
    with the 3810 patch applied

    Mac 10.5.6
  2. DaTa


    Dear mydanes,

    Remote desktop can realy be the cause.
    Please, disable it and see if problem is fixed.
    Let us know about the result, please.
  3. mydanes


    I will do that it is 1220 and still waiting
  4. mydanes


    well after spending all afternoon and evening I figured it out. It was the fact that I applied a PASSWORD to the administrator account. Remember I mentioned that for a fraction of a second something flashed that I thought (but could not confirm as it went so fast) there was a failed login screen? Well I finally got it up again after turning of remote control and it still was doing the same thing. I then removed the administrator password and like magic it works again.

    As a side note to test I did re-enable remote desktop again and it boots just fine. The password was the problem

    Thanks for your assistance!

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