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    I have just installed XP as vm on my macbook. However I cannot connect to the internet with my xp vm.

    I only have a cable modem that is connected through ethernet to my mac. I do not have a router. Is that why i am unable to connect? Do i need a router.

    And also an additional question... on my xp install my start menu is the classic and standard look.. it does not have the xp look (meaning the green start menu) and nowhere in appearance can i select xp theme..why is that..

    please help.

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    Internet fix!!!

    Hello ! Please make sure there is internet connection on your MAC site. Check the functionality of web browser ( it can be Safari, Mozilla and etc ) . If connection exists and websites are easily surfed , so it means there are wrong tune ups are set up inside of Parallels Desktop. Also we recommend to have 3188 built installed to follow below instructions.
    The most common problem in this case is different Network Adapter setting in Parallels Configuration window. Network Adapter contains 3 options to choose from : shared connection, bridged ethernet and host only networking. Most often internet works fine inside of Virtual Machine with shared connection set in Parallels Configuration of Network Adapter. Also in some rare cases it does not work when Shared is checked and works with Bridged Ethernet however.

    If Shared is checked and there still no connection, so the reason may be that some processes are interfeering with default parallels setups for internet connection. There are several cases for it . First of all some firewall or antivirus programs may refuse to web browser to open websites. Secondly, inside windows internet connections ( in control panel ) are disabled somehow. To be specific go to start->settings ->control panel ->network connections. After clicking on Network connections , the window will pop up and inside of it you will have one or more icons for a connections. Please choose your connection ( by name ) and highlight this icon and goto file . There drop down menu will comeup with options:
    -> Disable( Enable ) :

    Disable will be there if there is connection and Enable if there is now connection, hence if you suddenly see Enable , that will mean you did not have internet connection before because of Internet Connection was not enabled somehow...
    If there is Disable , so that means internet connection on , and it is a good idea to start web browser to check if some web sites will load.
    If there is still no connection, please take a closer look if appropriate icon was chosen.

    Also at last stage if no way has fixed connection. I prefer to delete all icons inside of this window " Network connections " . Turn off windows properly ( start->turn off ) , turn off Parallels , Start Parallels -> Start windows -> go to network connections and another icon will appear ! That means Parallels made icon automatically and it is a connection to work with now ! Just go and check the status

    Status window will show the activity of packets sent received ( packet is pease of information which includes certain number of bits ( information measurement ) )
    If Status shows no packets sent or received , that means there is no internet connection and better try to play with disable/enable buttons or renew button.

    Repair will renew the network card driver . Sometimes drivers are get corrupted, so it is a good idea to renew driver. That means that program will delete an old one and install a new driver automatically by pressing button "Renew"

    So after any of these troubleshooting procedures internet should start working.

    From the other hand, if there is feeling that windows/parallels site has right settings, so it is better take a look to MAC network settings. As for me most of the cases has nothing to do with MAC settings.

    Here are some other instructions:

    What to ask customer is network doesn't work in VM and Internet Sharing doesn't help.

    1) What version of Parallels Desktop are you using? (Launch Parallels - click on the "Parallels Desktop" menu on the top bar of your Mac desktop, select "About Parallels Desktop" and check the build number).
    2) What is your Mac model (Mac Mini, iMac, Macbook, Mac Pro)?
    3) Please describe how your Mac is connected to the network (wired or wireless connection, are there any routers and other computers in the network).
    4) Have you copied VM to several computers on the network? If you had, did you change MAC addresses of the VM network adapter to avoid conflicts?
    5) Have you manually changed any network settings on the OS X or Windows side when you tried to set up VM networking?
    6) Are you using some kind of VPN connection from either MacOS X or guest OS side?
    7) Make sure that you have Parallels Tools installed and you have reinstalled Tools if updated Parallels Desktop ("VM" menu on the top bar of your Mac desktop - "Install Parallels Tools" when you have Windows running). Aslo make sure that you are launching Parallels Desktop from Applications - Parallels, shortcuts on the desktop/dock become outdated after updating program.
    8)Enable Shared Networking:
    a) Open Configuration Editor for your VM by clicking "Edit" button in Parallels Desktop for Mac window when you have VM selected but not running.
    b) Select "Network Adapter" from the list on the left side.
    c) Set your VM to "Shared Networking” (mind that "Enabled" and "Connect cable at startup" settings should be checked too).
    d)Start the VM, check it’s Internet connection
    9) Launch Applications - Utilities - Terminal and execute the following commands (without quotation marks) and save their output by making screenshot or copy/pasting it into the reply to this email:
    a)"ps axuwww|grep pvsnatd"
    b)"ps axuwww|grep natd"
    10) In Windows click Start - Run - type "cmd" - hit "Enter" - type "ipconfig /all" and save the output by making screenshot or copy/pasting it into the reply to this email
    11) Enable Internet Sharing:
    a) Open Configuration Editor for your VM by clicking "Edit" button in Parallels window when you have VM selected but not running.
    b) Select "Network Adapter" from the list on the left side.
    c) Set your VM to "Host-Only" networking (mind that "Enabled" and "Connect cable at startup" settings should be checked too).
    d) Go to Mac OS X "System Preferences" - "Sharing" - "Internet".
    e) Set "Share your connection from" to your Internet connection interface.
    f) Enable "Parallels Host-Guest Adapter" (also may be called "EthernetAdaptor (en2)") in "To computers using" list.
    g) Press "Start" button. If you have Mac Firewall running, you need to check "Personal Web Sharing" in the list of allowed services (or just disable the Firewall).
    h) Check your VM's Internet connection. You may need to reboot your Mac for this to work.
    12)Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the Internet Sharing.

    Beste regards,
    Parallels Support group

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