WinXP: Cannot use Keyboard/Mouse after conversion

Discussion in 'Parallels Transporter' started by mjs, Aug 20, 2007.

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    I habe a VMware server virtual machine that I want to transfer to Parallels. The conversion succeeded but when I try to start the virtual machine I'm unable to use the keyboard and mouse (both not responding). I first thought that it might be a problem of the VMware tools so I uninstalled them but the result was the same.

    Any idea?

    Mark Junker
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    What OS is installed in VMware server??
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    I had this same issue except my mouse will work until I press a key on the keyboard. After that the mouse still moves around but can't click anything and the keyboard still remains unresponsive.

    This is Windows XP SP2
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    It does sound that you still have the VMWare drivers active in your session. Try booting into safe mode, then do a hardware discover in your windows XP. You can also go to safe mode, and remove the keyboard driver and try to rediscover the keyboard.

    If that doesn't work, you will have no choice then boot your virtual machine with the original XP CD-ROM then do a repair from the windows CD-ROM, then re-run a windows update to put it back up to date.
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    I'm also having issues with the mouse and keyboard not working after completing a Parallels Transporter transfer ...

    When I create a "new" WinXP SP2 VM, all works well. But ... when I try to execute the Transporter-created VM, I have NO keyboard, mouse, or "Send Keys" operation. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Parallels 3.0/5160 per support, but I still don't have mouse or keys (the VM won't even respond to the "Send Keys" operation of "Ctl+Alt+Del").

    Here's something interesting: when I interrupt the boot process by pressing F8, I'm brought to the "boot options" screen of WinXP, and THEN I have keyboard cursor control. But when I select "Safe Mode," I'm back to square one - no keys, mouse, or "Send Keys" function.

    Although it took nearly all day to build (transfer) the VM (95GB over a 1Gb network), I trashed the image, and I'm starting from scratch (I expect the "new" VM image to complete sometime this evening).

    In reading thru this thread, I'm thinking Transporter is the culprit, and there's a "bug" in building the bootable disk. Any thoughts would be helpful.

    Here's the particulars:
    MacBook 2.16GHz Intel Dual-Core, 2GB mem, 160GB HD, OSX 10.4.10, NO BootCamp installed.
    Dell Laptop 2.16GHz Intel Dual-Core T7400, 2GB mem, 160GB HD, WinXP Pro SP2

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    W2K with no keyboard/mouse

    I have the exact same problem with W2K imported from VPC. I deleted the VPC Additions prior to transport. I've transported several times with various releases of Parallels, always with the same results.

    I too can use F8 to gain control of W2K but no luck in safe mode.

    W2K will boot through and install Parallels Tools, but unfortunately W2K wants a confirmation to FINISH installation of tools. I can't FINISH without KB/M.

    Unfortunately, Parallels does not recognize this issue or care to fix it even though there are numerous posts from users with the same/similar problem.
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