Wireless problems persist in RC2

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by SFrawley, May 31, 2006.

  1. SFrawley


    I anxiously installed the latest release. I uninstalled the prior one and installed the tools update.

    I still have no Bridged Wireless Networking. Host Only will not do because my LAN has all my printers and many of my files. It worked fine early in the beta process, so I know it isn't my hardware.

    It is a shame that this is the only program I have that once again tethers me to wires!:(

    I am running Win 2000 SP 4
  2. cybercookie72


    Greetings...Im using linux and still have this problem....I didnt start in the beta program till a few ver ago....so I have not seen the wireless bridge work yet...BUT I WOULD really like too!!!

    That is the only thing that is holding me back from buying Parallels...I know they will get the mouse cursor thing fixed...this latest ver makes it usable again (just move the mouse to the side of screen and the two cursors become one :) )....thanks for all the hard work guys....keep it up!!!
  3. xbrianskix


    I still have wireless issues too.

    I don't get the popup about the DHCP server refusing to serve to the same mac address anymore, but I don't get a working lease, either. Neither Windows nor linux reliably get dhcp leases and internet access (windows seems to get it after a long time, linux never although I haven't tested it as much) :(

    Why can't parallels just use NAT already? It is the simplest way, and it's how vmware and xen do it.
  4. chrisp


    I believe you can use NAT if you use host-only networking. That's what I do when I'm at Starbuck's. It's just that OS X provides the NAT'ing when you turn on Internet Connection sharing. I'm just a little hazy about how I got it setup as it wasn't straight forward and I was messing around with a lot of things. But it definately works.

    And I realize this isn't what the original poster wanted. I don't want a NAT'ed solution most of the time, I want the Guest OS to connect directly. So I'm sad to hear that this hasn't been fixed :(
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  5. xbrianskix


    Well, you can use NAT with host-only networking, but there are a couple of things that are weird about that:
    1 - "Host only networking" implies that the vm will only be able to talk to your mac and back, so it's a bit of a misnomer.
    2 - More importantly, my packets won't get routed out whatever interface is active if I switch frmo wired to wireless (as I do every day when I leave/arrive at work/home). I have to go into the system prefs, stop network sharing, reconfigure it to use the currently active interface, and restart. A bit of a pain...

    It's a bit frustrating that neither of the two networking options "Just Works" for me :( RC2 has been a disappointment between this and weirdness with the click-mapping (that one might just be me though - mapping to alt-click with windows XP on a mbp seems broken).

    I really hope parallels can iron these and the other bugs reported here out before release. I want to buy, have been using since beta 5, but I'm not going to shell out money for a product where it seems like well known problems are claimed to be fixed but, in reality, are actually not fixed or even worsened by the new release (ie networking and USB have been claimed to be fixed for 2 releases in a row now, but alas are still broken for many people as evidenced on this forum).

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