Working/Not-working titles & Graphics Card Driver probably needs an update

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Apple Silicon (M1) Mac' started by icetear, May 3, 2021.

  1. icetear

    icetear Bit Poster

    Using 16.5 and the latest Win10 ARM build.
    - MS Office 2016 works flawless
    - Steam works
    - Skyrim works like a charm
    - Wizardry 8 works ;-)
    But when trying to play Valheim or Empyrion, the graphics have a problem. Depending on the distance to an object, it is blended in and out (not shown at all)
    although the collision detection still works. Reproducable in Valheim: just hit PLAY and see the camera moving towards the campfire with your character. The trees then flicker.
    I have a feeling that fixing this behaviour isn't a biggie... so perhaps some driver programmer might want to look into this.

    Playing Windows Games with the new M1 chip and Parallels Desktop is wonderful!

    Keep up the good work!
    Kind regards
  2. MichaelH63

    MichaelH63 Kilo Poster

    I'm not familiar with either of the two games with graphic problems, but it might be worth a try to test different emulation or (if they are older games) compatibility settings.
  3. icetear

    icetear Bit Poster

    Thanks for the suggestions. No compatibility setting helps.

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