Working Vista RC1

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by UKP, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. MartyMcr

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    Vista running

    Wow it actually runs RC1 - that's very impressive. True it hammers the dual core processor on my iMac but it's still an amazing piece of software - shame that Vista isn't really!
  2. Victor

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    Probably not much, but, and its a big but, in a year or so it will be the de-facto standard, much like XP is now, and compatibility with the rest of the world could be useful sometimes.

    It doesnt matter if OS X, or some other OS, is better in most ways to M$, Its a case of options.
  3. Don Redhorse

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    Where do I find the drivers? Thanks for Help.

  4. Pleiades

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    You can connect it via the Connect Image... menu item in Devices, but I find it easier to select Install Parallels Tools, run the installer to install the three items it wants to install. Don't reboot when it asks you to. Parallels Tools will still be connected as an image to your CD drive, likely D:. Go to Device Manager and select mouse and video in turn. Update the drivers by navigating to the D: drive and finding the appropriate folder. I chose the WinXP/2003/2K version for each of those drivers.

    Only an OS/2 driver is provided for sound, so I skipped that. And you can ignore the network drivers since it's already installed. It looks like the mouse driver for 1896.2 and 1898 are identical while the video driver was updated for 1898.
  5. extensivegroup

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    Re: Antivirus software for Vista

    I'd stay as far away from the consumer-level protection offered by NortonAV. It's often intrusive and heavy on resources. If you need AV (in a Win environment, who doesn't?) I recommend AVG Free, (for home users) which is lightweight, quick at updating itself (almost daily) and does a great job IMHO:

    Also, Computer Associates has released a free version of it's AV product for Vista RC2 folks here. Note that this is a TRIAL subscription that expires in one year:

    Stay safe!!
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  6. sgpub

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    I just tried using the Vista 64bit DVD to install on a fresh Parallels/Vista VM on a Mac Pro, but it wouldn't load. The error message said something about 64bit not being supported on 32bit hardware (sorry, didn't get the exact words).
  7. palter

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    Paralles doesn't support 64-bit guests, only 32-bit. Support for 64-bit guests is scheduled for the next major version due sometime either late this year or early next.

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