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Discussion in 'Accessing your PC' started by TomerS, May 3, 2014.

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    hi, when I'm working with my Excel 2007 from my PC using Parallels Access, if I want to edit a cell and enter a formula, strange things happen: after each key that I press, the keyboard disappears in favour of the formulas autocomplete menu. usually I only want to see that menu after like 3 characters, can I make the keyboard stay on?

    also, searching for a cell to put in the formula bar is hard, because a. the screen is small with the keyboard taking its space (remember I'm editing the cell for a formula and searching for a cell at the same time) b. navigation is not so good - usually I navigate up and it goes all the way left. wonder if it's because I chose to view the sheet right-to-left.

    this makes Excel impossible to work with. Are there any plans to fix things like this in the future?
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