Xbox360 controller with android, help needed

Discussion in 'Accessing your PC' started by terrytwins85, Dec 16, 2014.

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    i have connected a wired xbox360 controller directly through usb with otg cable to my android xperia z ultra. The controller can be detected and usable. I previously used splashtop to remote control my pc with z ultra, and the controller connected to z ultra can function as if the controller was directly attached to my pc, and therefore games on pc are playable remotely with game controllers attached to the android phone. I have subscribed parallels access for 2 years as the streaming is much more smooth than splashtop. However, under the same settings, I am unable to use the xbox360 controller remotely on pc games. The controller can still be detected, but it worked like it was connected to android only but not remotely to pc, eg press button A will quit/ back on app on android instead of having button A pressed in a pc game as if the controller is attached directly onto the pc. Is there a way to add controller support to parallels access as in splashtop? Thank you
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    Hello Terry,

    As the controller is connected to your phone (Android device) , it detects the controller and functions only for the Android OS (as it is the host OS).
    I will pass your feedback to the development team as a feature request.

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