XP Network Problems (The Page Cannot Be Displayed)

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by ventrilqstman, Aug 6, 2007.

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    I am running a mac pro with parallels 3 build 4560 and XP Pro. Overall it's great, but for weeks I have been trying to get inter connectivity with no luck.

    Connection works great in Mac OS, and when I go to network settings it shows that parallels guest host, and parallels nat are connected and in the green.

    When I start windows the network icon at the bottom of the OS window shows it's connected and ready to go.

    Yet when I fire up IE, or Firefox I get no connection and a page cannot be displayed message.

    It's getting really irritating. I have tried all the different connection options, all of which show they connect, and yet I cannot go online. Parallels is good, but they really need to make networking more transparent.

    Any help would be great... Gav
  2. spectre

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    What network mode do you have set for the VM? It's recommended to use Shared in the most cases as it really simplifies the network connection process for the VM and doesn't require any additional setup. You just may need to make sure that in Windows LAN connection both IP and DNS settings are being distributed by DHCP.

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